Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day (& a surprise!)

Hi there, Lovebugs!
Yes, you're totally in the right place! SURPRISE!
I got a new look (Thanks Sarah at Span-tag Designs!) and I am in L.O.V.E. with it!!
Makes me feel all gown-up and stuff;)
But back to the main focus, today is Election Day (as if you did't already know)
but I'm going to use this fabulous little blogging platform to tell you o vote vote vote!!
It might not seem like much, but please take the time to do something that other people are out there fighting for you to be able to do.
I was lucky enough to turn 18 in an election year (2008) and it was so cool to be able to say that I had a voice in the new president.
And if you're part of my family you would know two things:
1. You vote on election days. Even little local ones.
2. You only buy American made cars.
Pretty easy, right?
I think so:)
Now get to your voting station and proudly wear that little "I Voted" sticker!