Friday, June 29, 2012

Gettin' my hair did!

I'm finallyyyy getting my hair cut and colored today:) I needed it to look fabulous for my graduation party tomorrow!

I'll be back on Sunday with a recap of the decorations/ food (I'm really excited to tell you guys about it!).

I hope you all have an awesome weekend filled with lots of half-naked strippers (Magic Mike, c'mon people;))!

I'm out:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm Certified to Save Your Life

Meet Bob.
He helped me become CPR certified this morning. Yes, that means that someday, your life could be in my hands. ::cue shudders here::
And I maybe had a little help in learning from our very cute instructer, Kevin. Let me tell ya, he made it very easy to pay attention since all we wanted to do was look at him anyway;)
Unfortunately for you guys, I didn't get a picture of him. And he may have been was married.
Lucky Lady:)
Anywhere, here's my proof:
Here's to hoping that this certification makes me a little more attractive as a job applicant, right?

Monday, June 25, 2012

If I were......

If I were a pair of shoes, I'd be this pair of shoes.
The ultimate girly shoe. Lace and bows? Heck yes! Classy and a little bit impractical, I love every inch of these things!

Side note*: Have I ever to guys about how I didn't wear pants until I was like 8??
No, not like that.
Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies.
I meant I only wore dresses and skirts until I was 8. Literally had a fight with my mom every morning about how I wanted to wear a dress and no I didn't care if everyone could  see my underwear! Maybe a preview into my college years?
Kidding, people! ;)

If I were a ring, I'd be this ring.

Vintage, girly, and PINK! Are we noticing a pattern yet? I love love love this little beauty! Hint hint to the boyfriend;)

If my life were a slogan, it would be this slogan.

Obviously, I have a slight obsession with diet coke. It's a hard habit to kick, but I'm working on it, promise!

If I were to buy another swimsuit, I would buy this suit.

Quick, somebody tell me I don't need this suit! (But believe me, I would be all. over. it. if that body came as part of the package;) )

And last, If I were to have a library in my home, it would look like this library.
It's so perfectly on display! And we all know I love books, so to be able to see them all the time would make me happy :)

What would describe your life? :)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little slice of heaven

Yesterday was awesome in that it involved two of my favorite things; baseball, chinese food, and wine.
So I guess that's three things. Whoops:)

Remember how I told you guys I was going to this little cutie's last little league game?

Well, they won! So we'll be advancing in the tournament and playing again Saturday. Let's give him and his team a little blogger dust to win again, deal? :)

I clearly had a great time in the hot hot sun. But at least it made for a good picture:)

And dinner with Matt at P.F. Changs brought the other two favorite things, chinese food and wine!
As seen on Instragram. Follow me @Malpal0801 :)
Dinner was delicious and I can barely even control myself to wait until lunch time to break into those left overs. Don't you just hate that?! Sometimes I think lunch should be at 10AM. Maybe that's something I'll look into for the next election?;)

I'm outta here because this girl's feeling the call of online shopping....and hearing the S.O.S. call that's coming from my debit card;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This post of brought to you by the Number 5 and the Letter M

You're getting a numbered post today because I'm feeling in a number mood. Maybe it's because my job forces me to watch an excessive amount of Sesame Street and Baby Einsteins. Hence my post title.
*Side note: Do you know how annoying those shows are when they're on repeat? REAL FREAKING ANNOYING. I know kids love repetitition, but come on.

Now back to regular posting,

1. I went to a kick boxing cardio with free weights class last night. Let's talk about how sore my legs are. Holy crap that stuff is a good workout! I'll definitely be going back next Monday.

2. I went running this morning before work. I know, can you even believe it? I'm totally not that girl  who is good about running and blogging about it. It's so not a "me thing" I even forgot to take the classic instagram photo of my awesome hot pink running shoes when I tied them on this morning. You know what I'm talking about.  ::makes mental note to remember to take a picture for proof next time::

3. Tonight I'll be going to Caleb's last little league game of the season. It will be the only time you'll see me rooting for New York;)  But he's so cute, how can I resist?
4. I'm not even sorry that right now my "job" consists of me reading my favorite guilty pleasure mags. Ahh, bliss. And it kind of makes up for the sesame street reruns that are now the soundtrack to my life.

5. I'm going to PF Changs with Matt tonight and I can't wait to eat just about everything in sight. I love that place! ::drools on keyboard thinking about the deliciousness::

 Peace Out, Girl Scouts!



Friday, June 15, 2012

Listen betch, let me tell you how this works

Feliz Friday Darlings!

Today I've got a little recap of my reunification with my college bestie, Jen.

She's also my pledge mama, so this was us making XΩ:) Also, can I just say I need a tan?!
 Wednesday night we finally worked it into our schedules where we could get together and found ourselves at Bar Louie to get dinner and a drink.

You guys, I drank out of a mason jar. I felt so country, y'all;)

Our second round. It's a little blurry, but read belos to see why!

Of course our trip wouldn't be complete without a 50ish year old drunk man walking over to our table and asking us if we were 40 yr old women, would we go for him? He claimed to have a blind date the next day and wanted to know if he was attractive. Jen and I just kept looking at each other and trying to get him to go away (hence the using my phone to take a picture of our drinks!). He eventally wandered off but not before he told us how helpful and sweet we were. Lawls.

Stopped at a red light
 After dinner we went back to my hometown and met our boys out for one more drink. The bar was absolutely dead since it was Wednesday and it was perfect because we all got to talk and hang out. It was a fabulous end to the night:)

And tonight I'm off to a birthday barcrawl and another one tomorrow. I can already feel my liver protesting.

Happy Weekending!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

OOTD....with a twist

I'm normally not an OOTD person, because I don't think I dress anywhere near as cute as you guys. But, because I am a betch, I often take photos of other people in their "fashionable" picks when I'm out and about. They make for very funny texts in the middle of the day:)

Here are a few of the gems I've seen recently...

Yes, that really happened. And I know this girl in real life. Gag!

This would be a lady (Lady?) riding her scooter through the drive-thru at White Castle.
No words.
Saw this little beauty walking down a very busy road as I was on my way to work. Do anybody's pants need to be that high?!
Ok, ok, so that third picture might actually be me blurred to protect my identity. Whoops! But before you go thinking "Wtf is she thinking, that's not her?!" (Don't lie, you know you didn't believe it was me!), I swear I did not go out in public like that!
We were playing around with the painters mask kit while we were painting the basement. It had a face mask, that jumpsuit, bootie feet covers, and gloves. Very fashionable;)
I actually sent that picture to Matt and asked if that outfit was OK to wear to our date later that night. Like a true gentleman he said helllll no. :) He's a keeper!

So since I have so many of these pictures, I believe I might start a new series. Maybe I'll call it WTF Were They Thinking....would that be something you guys would like?

Just know that even if you're not having the best Thursday, at least your day is better then these people's!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Nuggets & BWW

Hey there Lovebugs!

I'm hoping you all had a ridiculously relaxing weekend, because mine was go go go and someone deserves it if I can't have it!

Wanna get the low down?

Friday was a big day. I had a job interview and am pretty sure I nailed it, even though I'm not sure I want the job. But to reward myself, I went shopping for a new shirt for the evening. Look what I found....

But the best part is the back....

Bam! I'm in love:) Best part is that it was $15 from Charlotte Russe!

Matt and I went to a birthday party for one of his friends/cousins that night. You know, those people you call "aunt" even though they're not really related to you? Jimmy is a "cousin" like that.

We only stayed a little while because their "parties" are not like my parties. As in, I don't allow children to be running aruond while all of the "adults" are getting wasted and playing drinking games like they do. Not my kinda party.

Am I being too judgey??

Anyway, we dipped out early and went on a triple date with the twins, Jen and Amy, and their husbands. (OMG I feel old typing that!) We went to BWW and had soooo many good noms  ::drooling while remembering::

Twin Sammich!
I babysat some of my favorite nuggets, Sam & Sadie. Their parents went to the Brad Paisley concert in the city so I had them overnight.

Now if you don't remember, Sadie has a crush on Matt. Girlfriend was all up in his lap and playing "Tickle Tickle" with him last time she saw him. (She's 2, I'll forgive her. I mean, he is pretty cute;))

And friday, she kept taking my phone, batting her lashes, waving, and saying "Hi Matt!".
So we took a picture and sent it to him:)

Excuse my no makeup/ bun hair look. We had been swimming all day:)

I had a family baby shower to attend. Now let me just say, I have only met this woman once. Once! 3 hours was way too long to travel for someone I've seen ONE time.
But I wore that blue pin stripe dress I showed you guys in the On a scale of 1-10  post. (Option 4!)
Here's picture of us while traveling:

Aaaaaand I guess it was worth it because I won a prize!

Apparently I know the most about babies....and I don't have any kids. Someone explain that one to me?

I'm sure I'll be taking that nice little $10 target GC and treating myself to something and frivolous....any suggestions?!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Team Spirit

Last night Matt and I went to a White Sox game.  He loves baseball (in fact, he still plays on an adult softball league) and I'm pretty fond of it too;)

The game was a blast.
I had funnel cake. For dinner.
It was a 6 years old's dream.

And what made it even better were the people sitting around us. We seemed to be in an especially friendly/funny section and everyone chatted about the game the entire time.

But there was one WTF moment which I think you guys will appreciate....

In the row behind Matt and I, there were 2 redneck guys who are being slightly loud/obnoxious. Well a nice family of 4 comes to sit next to them. The way they were sitting, the mom had the redneck man on her left and on her right was her 17 year old daughter, husband, and 8 year old son.

This woman flirted for the enitre game with the redneck man!!!

They were talking about booze,
"I love jack and coke, it always means I have a good night;)" -lady
"Oh, would you like me to get you some tequilla?"-redneck man

and they even became facebook friends.
Yeah, that totally happened.

But not until she had to borrow her husband's phone to get on facebook to friend him.

Haha Matt just kept leaning over and whispering to me "If you ever did that we'd be divorced!". The people right next to us were joking about it too, so funny!

But enough with the boring stuff, here's some pictures:)

Matt & I :)
This is my future husband, Paulie. He's pretty much a beast:)
We were so close! That's the catcher, A.J.
Aaaand a throwback from when we went to Opening Day. Even though Matt's eyes are almost closed.
What can I say, he's mine, and I love 'em:) 

Happy Thursday to all, and to all, a good evening!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

True True True

So I know you're all dying to know the answers to yesterday's link up.
And we'll get to it, promise.

But first I just want to say Thank you Thank you for all of your participation!! You guys rock my socks off and I'm loving being able to learn fun things about you thanks to this link up. I know I'm getting more and more outrageous with what I'm "revealing" and I think it's awesome (and a little comforting)  that you guys have just as crazy lives as I do!

So without further adeu,

1. I have dated a friend's ex.
This one is.....True! But not in a bad way, promise!
My Bestie, Heather, dated Jon, my high school sweetheart, when they were in 8th grade. But they dated for a few months, which in 8th grade romance world, is like 3 years any other time. But they were broken up by the time I met Heather that summer before high school. And Jon and I didn't start dating until Sophomore year.  We went on to date for a little over 2 years.

Now of course I think he's a complete douche bag, but hey, that's what high school love is for;)
2. I have caught a friends puke with my own hands.
This one is.....TRUE! But it didn't happen to me!! My friend Aly was allowed to have people over in her basement to drink, but only if we stayed the night and turned in our keys. Well it was after a dance when our friend Dan had a leeeetle too much to drink. He started puking and Aly couldn't reach a bowl fast enough and apparently thought it was a good idea to catch it with her hands. GROSS.
Look, they're still friends:) She's the one in the middle (getting the cheek kiss from yours truely) and Dan is on the right. And of course that's my bestie Heather photo bombing in the back!
3. I have made a walk of shame in a cowboy outfit, complete with straw in my hair. And it wasn't Halloween...
Um, yeah. This totally happened. Have you guys ever heard of a Barndance? It's literally a dance in  barn where you wear "western clothes".  Think plaid shirts, cowboy boots, and hats. You bring your own beer (or beverage) and a bus takes you to the barn, and back to campus.  It's usually something a fraternity or sorority does and the first one I went to was with my freshman year boyfriend, Max. (He was a sophomore ::wink wink::) and I stayed the night because I clearly was not making it up the hill to my dorm! Aaaaaaand of course the next morning was parents weekend morning and I was forced to do my walk of shame in my clothes from the night before....Cowboy hat, plaid shirt, jean miniskirt, and cowboy boots.

Yes, I am the epitome of classy. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh Hai.

Oh hai there.

Long time no talk!

::insert classic blogger absence excuse here- life is crazy:: You know the drill.

Anywho, today is Alana's and my link up for Two Truths & A Lie!! It's our first one since the debut and I'm excited to keep it going. Believe it or not, I still have a few fabulously shocking stories up my sleeves;)

So in an effort to keep you guessing, pick which one is the lie.....

1. I have dated a friend's ex.
2. I have caught a friends puke with my own hands.
3. I have made a walk of shame in a cowboy outfit, compelte with straw in my hair. And it wasn't Halloween...

So leave me a guess on what you think I'm lying about and link up for yourselves!
I can't wait to get back to regular blogging:)

After while, crocodiles!