Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Haaaaalp meeeeee!

Ahh this "No Internet at my internship" thing is really killing me! I'm trying to fit in my internship, gym time, homework, cleaning, and blogging and clearrrrrrly it's NOT working. Wahh ::insert cry face here:: 

Who did I think I was that I would be able to fit all of this stuff in?! This schedule is driving me crazy but I'm trying to juggle and make it  work for me.

But back to the important things. This weekend was fabulousMatt came with me (and the fam) to the waterpark/hotel and it was seriously one of the best weekends we've had in awhile.  Games, arcades, water slide races, and of course seeing him in swim trunks;)

Sadly, I'm a totally terrible packer under stress and I forget everything. I forgot my camera. dumb. And I forgot pants. WHO DOES THAT?!?  Apparently me.  So it was either the work pants that I traveled in, or soffee shorts. Yeah, you can imagine that I spent a lot of the weekend freezing my ass off. Oh well, you live and learn:)

Caleb had a great time on his birthday weekend and I definitely did too! I'm going to try and see if I can steal a few pictures from my aunt, so stay tuned for a mayyybe picture update:)

And to sum up my day today,

Yeah. It was one of those days. 

Here's to everyone's Wednesday being even better than our Tuesdays:)

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration Friday!

Whew, it's so good to be almost done with today! And the best part about today is that it's Friday and I've crossed 2 things off of my goal list already!

I'm linking up with Sarah for her awesome Inspiration Friday! I'm already lovin' it because I think sometimes we all really need to get inspired and maybe a little encouragement from all of our bloggie friends:)


Well, my 2 goals were...

1. Continue a healthier lifestyle. 

I'm proud to say I have been to the gym 6/7 days a week for the past 2 weeks and have lost 6lbs! Woowoo! I'm going to be doing a longer post on this next week, but I was just so excited when I stepped on the scale and realized how easy it's been to just change a few of my bad habits! But don't let me fool you, it was hard to get the momentum going at first (hence: the picture above. I just had to push!)

2. Conquer speech class
I did it! I gave my first speech this morning, and while it wasn't the best, I didn't die, throw up, pass out, or completely blank. I'll call that a success.  Now let's just see how my teacher feels about it;)

Well that's all I have for today, and I'm off to the ARC to workout. Have a fabulous weekend, Lovebugs!

P.S- Don't forget to link up too! You won't regret it!

P.P.S.- If you're not already, go over and follow the ridiculously awesome Alana from Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde! Let's get her to 100 followers! She's soooo close and definitely deserves it:)

And that's really all I have for you guys;) 

Pink Kisses & Wishes,