Hello there!
I'm Mallory.

Mal to my friends.

and Boo to my boy, Matt.

I'm a twenty-something (21 to be exact!) living in Chicago and an (almost) alum at the University of Illinois. I'm studying Social Work and hope to find a job fairly quickly after graduation. (Please, oh please let this happen!) My dreams are big and I can't wait to set out on my path towards accomplishing them.

I'm an avid believer in love at first sight and anything pink, (Obviously!).
My obsession with the ampersand is growing && I have a love for everything girly and  my Chi Omega sisters!

I also love children, or nuggets, and have in fact, been known as an advocate for baby girls with large flower bow headbands. With feathers. Obsessed would be putting it lightly.  

I think that opinions are our own and I believe in advocating for yourself. However, being considerate is something I strive for because Karma can be a beyotch.  
Just sayin'.
Keep it in mind.

Most importantly, I believe that family is not necessarily born into, but rather created through all of the people in your life who you care about and who care about you. I would be nowhere without them and I believe in this wholeheartedly. 

 To say I have been blessed beyond belief would be an understatement.

My life may seem simple, but it is anything but ordinary.