Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No good, very bad day.

I have a series of things I ually do to ensure that I do not have a bad day.
This especially comes in handy when I have a big test, important meeting, or a string of prior bad days;)
1. Wear pretty underwear.
I'm totally serious, guys! I have an obsession love for Victorias Secret and I'm all about matching cute bras and underwear. Even if nobody else can see it, I still know that its on:)
2. Take extra time on my makeup.
Basically that means taking any time on my makeup.
Eyelashes go a long way, and feeling glamourous can be an instant mood booster for me!
(Speaking of make-up, stay tuned for a post about my new finds! For cheap!)
3. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and relax.
Yes, you definitely read that right. I like to spend the time reading a mindless book or magazine or snuggling in bed before I have to start getting ready. It helps me feel less rushed and more put together.
And in the event that I've already had a bad day and need a fix?
1. Read a trashy magazine.
US weekly, Cosmo, People. You know the drill.
2. Watch trashy television (Anyone noticing a pattern? I promise it stops here;))
Teen Mom, Bridezillas, Real World....anything to get the job done.
3. Blog.
You ladies are enough for me. Everytime I log into Blogger y'all have brightened my day somehow:) So Thank You!
And on reallyyyy bad days?
1. Eat raw cookie dough.
Don't tell the raw egg police, but it's just so delicious!!
What do you do on bad days to make yourself feel better?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Sacred Heart

I attended a wedding this weekend at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Notre Dame and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to.
The basilica was breathtaking.

And so were the newlyweds.

I had a fantastic time getting back to see all of my Purdue friends! We got ready together and I got to play hair salon. Sometimes I wish I had bypassed all of this school debt and gone to hair school. But that's a story for another day so here's a little preview of my work;)
My hair from the back:)

Kelsey's hair, a fishtail side bun a la pintest!


Arianna's hair featuring the ever popular braid!

I wore a new dress I picked up from Forever 21 clearance. It was the perfect amount of dressy and fun and I got to wear red lipstick. It get's an A in my book.

Classy mirror pictures. Oh the things I do for you guys;)

And I got to hang with some of my besties.


It was an epic weekend, hopefully yours was too!
P.S.- Don't forget to head on over to Alana's to see what I have planned for our joint birthday party;)
Happy Birthday, Pretty girl!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eff. Marry. Kill. Take 5

Aaaaand it's time for one for my favorite link-up (besides mine and Alana's 2 truths & a lide link-up on Tuesdays!) with Michelle and Heather!
Eff. Marry. Kill.
And this time my theme is......
The men of Magic Mike!!
I saw this movie with my friend Sam a few weeks ago because I loooove me some Channing Tatum!
::wiping up drool on keyboard::
And not surprisingly, I loved just about everyone in the movie.
Especially these three.....
I would...
eff. Joe Magliano (Big Dick Richie)
marry. Channing Tatum (Mike)
kill. Matthew McConaughey (Dallas)
Obviously, Joe is HOT, but I L.O.V.E. Channing. I mean, how sweet that he's trying to not be a stripper anymore;) 
Aaaand usually I love Matthew (How to lose a guy in 10 days anyone?) but in this move he was just a bit too skeezy. Even though he looked totally delicious doing his dance moves!  
What would you do?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just in time for the rest of summer to flash before my eyes

Hello my little chickadees!!
Ahh it's been so long! I'm so glad to be back to your fabulous faces:)
I figured I'd just give a little vacation recap with photos since I'm sure you guys don't want to hear about how I got to relax on the beach while getting tan, drinking tropical cocktails, and getting ice cream every night;)
The sign that lets us know "we're getting closer!"
Now this is what I like to call a vacation spot! The view from the beach onto our lake:)
For the very 1st time in my 20 years of going on vacation, I decided to bring a boyfriend. Matt loved it and already wants to know if he can come the full 2 weeks next year!
He caught a fish:)

Waffle breakfast on the beach while enjoying the views.

Matt & I went into town for ice cream:)

We got to see the DNR tag a baby loon. Now we can track its' migration progress online all winter!

I enjoyed snoopy pancakes for breakfast. If this pancake maker ever dies, I will cry. I've been having snoopy pancakes for over 15 years!

Aaaaand now it's back to the grind with job searches and endless August birthdays. (Including my own!)
Also, a HUGE thanks to all of my guest bloggers! You guys rock and I totally owe you one!
See you all tomorrow for Eff Marry Kill!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Friends with an Ex?: As told by Alana @ Life and Times

Welcome to my first guest poster while I'm in 2 weeks of heaven!
I'm missing you guys like crazy already but I've lined up a few people to take good care of you while I'm away:)

Alana is pretty much the tits and was one of my first blogger friends.
She's got one of the kindest hearts I've ever come across (She takes in foster kids! A lady after my own heart!).  Not to mention that she has a kick-ass post that runs on Thursdays called Awkward & Awesome. You guys definitely need to check it out:)

So let's chat being friends with an ex, shall we?
Make sure you go and show her some love!!

Hey y'all! I'm Alana from Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde

I'm here today to discuss a very important topic--is it possible to be friends with an ex?
Everyone has different opinions on the topic, so here are my thoughts...
Why would you want to remain friends with an ex?
- You want to keep tabs on him (don't lie to yourself and pretend you're not even a little bit curious about your exes). 
- You don't want to admit that it's over.
- He was a huge part of your life and you don't like the idea of him being gone in every aspect of your life.
- You're friends with his mother/family.
Now that we've addressed the reasons why you might be wanting to remain friends, let's discuss the plausibility of the situation:
- Do you trust him?
- Can you stand to see him with another woman?
- Are you ready to listen to endless conversations about his new relationship issues?
- Will you be able to move on and be happy if he's still in your life?
If you answered "no" to any of these questions, bid him farewell, delete him from facebook, and MOVE on!  It's probably not a good idea to keep him in your life--after all, you broke up for a reason!
I'm a firm believer in "when it's over, it's over."  I very rarely consider getting back together with an ex. 
With all of that being said, I do believe it's possible to remain friends with an ex, in select situations; for instance, if you only dated for a few weeks/months, if you were friends long before you started dating, and/or he turned out to be gay.  
You may not enjoy listening to him talk about his new girlfriend, you might cringe a little when a picture pops up on your newsfeed, and you might secretly wish her teeth would permanently turn yellow, but it is possible to tolerate all of those things for the sake of his happiness. 
I can't say that successful friendships have been the result of all of my failed relationships--in fact, I can count on one hand how many exes I even speak to, but I do believe that friendships are possible. 
I truly believe it all depends on the guy and the situation. 
But let's be honest, we all know that he'll never do better than you!  
What are your thoughts? Is it possible?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dangers of Facebook :As Told by The Graceless Lady

Because she's a doll (and one of the most hilarious blogging ladies I know) Alissa, has agreed to guest post for me while I'm away on vacation.
Here are her thoughts on Facebook.
Photo Cred.

Can anyone remember what the world was like before Facebook? Even Myspace?

It's amazing what you can find out about a person by just being friends with them on Facebook. Whether it's a friend or a love interest, FB has really stepped up the stalking game when it comes to getting to know someone.

How many people are still friends with their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for stalking purposes only? I'm not, FYI.  Instead of mourning a break up in private, with the help and support from your closest friends, you now have people "liking" that you went from "in a relationship" to "single" ...is it even okay to like that? My guess is most people that do a Facebook aka public break up, want the attention for it. Which is a whole different issue in my book.

Having a few drinks and playing therapist is my new hobby. Photo Cred.

Some people use Facebook messages to communicate instead of emails. Say you're talking to someone privately, haven't heard back from them but see that they updated their status. Is it time to freak out? Do you count the minutes before they send you a response, and if they don't, how are you supposed to move forward with the pseudo relationship?

Who hasn't sat in front of their cell phone, willing it to do SOMETHING. Incoming text/email/phone call/FB message/tweet. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. It turns your brain to mush. Sane people are calling their cell phones from their landlines to ensure that their phone is still working. I've done it.

Don't judge. We've all been there. Photo Cred.

And when your phone does go off, and it's just one of your friends saying they can't find anything good to watch on TV, how freakin pissed are you? Livid, I bet. Nothing is worse than seeing someone update their status "via mobile" when they haven't answered your text message in hours.

The two worst parts about meeting someone new: waiting to hear from them and not knowing what they're thinking. Facebook makes that 100 times worse.

He put up a depressing status ...I wonder what that means.
He just checked in at a bar... probably getting drunk and flirting with other women.
Some girl commented on his status ...they are probably hooking up.
He was tagged in a photo with another girl... they are probably dating.
But the girl in the picture is different from the one that commented on his status...
Is he seeing multiple girls?
Am I just another one of those girls?

See what I mean? Downward. Spiral.

A quote from He's Just Not That Into You (great movie, even better book) says it all:

"Things have changed. People don't meet each other organically anymore. If I want to seem attractive to the opposite sex, I wouldn't go get a new haircut, I'd update my profile, it's just the way it is."

Personally, I hate the way it is.What about you?

Make sure you head on over to he page here to go show her some love!
I'm serious.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today I am a Graceless Lady

Hello from wayyyy up North:)
Just stopping in today to tell you that you should go check out my guest post over at the Graceless Lady. It'll be good for your health. Or something like that.
Anyway, because I'm such an awesome packer now (read: I packed for 2 weeks of vacation in one little duffle bag! ) I decided to share a few of my tips and tricks over at Alissa's little slice of heaven while she's away on vacation too.
So to recap:
You can find me over here blogging for this lady...
In a little post I'd like to call,
Packing 101.
Go show me (and Alissa!) some love!
Seriously (it would be embarrassing if you didn't) ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Hey, it's ok.....
.....that I have fallen asleep before midnight every night.
....that I have finished 5 books already and we're only on day 5 of vacation.
....that I'm considering tubing/kneeboarding/sand volleyball as exercise for the week.
....to not count the calories in the ice cream cones I've had this week. It was after dark!;)
.....to consider my newly acquired sun-kissed glow as all the makeup I need for the 2 weeks we're here.
...that I'm considering a swim in the lake a good enough shower until I actually need to chave my legs again. It's vacation! (ok, maybe this one isn't ok :P)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friends from the start, Sisters at heart: As told by Janna @ Perception is Everything

Well, hello there my dears!
I am super happy that Mal asked me over for a visit, today.
Isn't she just PRESH?

As I was thinking about what to talk about today, I remembered something
 major that we have in common.....

We are both proud SORORITY girls!

Now my sorority days ended several years ago and we were in different sororities, 
but I still know what she is going through right now.
I know that she is:
A) So stoked to have graduated...
B) Feeling bittersweet about leaving her sorority.
{Obviously more bitter than sweet}

In her honor, I will share some of MY sorority memories.

Sisterhood: DPhiE



and i was falling...



Diabetes walk 2007! tag yourselves lol there are too many of us!


little Timmy is the coolest kid i have ever met!! This was one of our fundraisers for CFF!

And of course, Socializing!

tag urselves lol

The SigEp boyzzzz



Georgia's such a hot lil pinup girl

I happened to be Social Chair, so planning the fun stuff was my job ;)

I will NEVER forget any of these amazing memories, and neither will you, girl.
We may not be in the same sorority, but sisterhood transcends.
As a matter of fact...can we start a blog sorority?
ONE BIG one, and then we can ALL be sisters.
A girl can dream, right?

It's been fun y'all, and until next time- you can check me out HERE and HERE.
Hope you are having a FABULOUS vacation, Mal!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Ch-ch-check it out

Exciting news.
One of my real life besties, Sam, just started a blog!

That's her on the right!

You can find her at Desperately Seeking Samantha.
Some of you might have niticed her around here, commenting or following some or your blogs.
Do me proud and show her some love because I've been raving about all of you to her for months now:)
I'm having her guest post later this week/next so yuo can get a little sneak peek of her then.
Happy Blogging!

Friday, July 6, 2012

World's Longest Post

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from all of the festivities of yesterday if you participated. If not, I'm begrudging you your hangover-free morning;)

But back to business before I leave for vacation tomorrow:

I got my hair cut last Friday and am In. Love. with my adorable new hair stylist! I've finaly found a place near home where I can get a nice cut and color and that makes this girl happy:) I forsee us being BFFL's.

She was so sweet, she was begging to curl and play with my hair. Of course I let her, that's like ultimate pampering!!

And a little graduation party recap:
It was 5370854 degrees but a fabulous success:)

These were the drink signs to go in front of the party punches.
My cousin Leesa put a lot of extra effort into making the party special for me and I love her for it:)
The little Illini "I" in each name was an adorable touch she came up with!

And now for my cake,
you guys are going to be so jealous......

I mentioned that I didn't want a cake "like everyone elses" a.k.a.- orange and blue sheet cake with "Congrats Mallory!" on it.
This is the masterpiece that came out:) 
Love Love Love! 

I'll have the people pictures when I come back from vacation so you'll just have to wait until then :)

Aaaaand for my 2 Truths and A Lie answers....

I have definitley been pulled over without any pants on.
I was running late to get to tumbling practice on time and thought I was being smart by taking the back roads and changin while driving.
Who does that?!
This girl.
And I was totally pulled over for speeding with my shorts around my ankles. It was a total scramble to get them up before the cop got to my window! And too bad he wasn't cute :(  And i got my first ticket.
Terrible ending for sure.
Except that I wasn't taken to jail for indecent exposure. So that's a win in my book.

I have felt a fake boob.
I actually have a friend who only has ONE fake boob. You know how almost every girl's boobs are two different sizes? Her's had three sizes difference. One was an A cup and one was a D! So clearly, she got an implant to make the A cup into a D :)
She told me her "secret" by letting me feel to see the difference.
It's like a fun party trick when I can say I've felt one before. Great pick up line, ladies.
Just kidding! Do not ever go out with someone you picked up by telling them you've felt a fake boob!!
just a little life lesson for you;)

I have never been walked in on while in a compromising position.
Knock on wood, this has never happend to me.
Although my mom definitiely came home a little earlier than planned one time and there was a mad scramble to make it look like we were just "hanging out".
I can't believe I just admitted that online.
::insert finger crossing that this never comes back to haunt me::

So there you guys go.
A steamy look into my July 2 Truths & A Lie:)



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's that time again....

Two Truths & A Lie Link-Up is back!!

For the steamy month of July, I have tried to think of some of my most outrageous things yet. Hopefully you guys are a little more confused than last month when you all found me out;)
So here goes.....

1. I have been pulled over by the police while I had no pants on.
2. I have felt a fake boob before.
3. I have been "walked in on" while in a ahem. compromising position. ahem.

Nothing like getting honest with all my bitties;)
And I'm going to keep you all in suspense because I wont be back to tell you my answers until Thursday!
I know, I know.
But I pinky promise that there are some gooooood stories to go with these "truths":)

Happy Tuesday (And almost July 4th *a.k.a. most awesome drinking day ever except when someone thinks it's a good idea to set off fireworks while intoxicated* )

Have fun and be SAFE this holiday, my little chickadees:)