Monday, October 31, 2011

Impulse shopping

My name is Mallory and I am an impulse buyer. Admitting it is the first step, right? 

I just love those awesome, once in a blue moon, find-everything-I-want-and-then-some shopping trips. It is one of my favorite feelings to actually buy something that I've been dying to have or just something that catches my eye.

I mean, I impulsively bought one of these last month. Because I wanted one.

Ok, I admit it. I am an Apple whore. I have been a religious iPhone user since my first one, the iPhone 3 ::squee::, my freshman year of college and I've never looked back. So obviously I needed an iPad so I could take it to class instead of my heavy laptop, right? Right.

Anywho, all of this is to say, I'm expecting a shipment from Victoria Secret  (Sidenote: I've just stumbled onto the awesomeness that is online shopping)

And I didn't think it would be in until next Saturday, Nov 4th. BUT. I just checked my tracking number and UPS has it scheduled to arrive no later than this afternoon! As in today. Awesome. I. am. so. excited!  

Oh! And can you see that last line in the picture? The line where the black tote is $0.00? Yes that's right ladies, I scored a free tote.

Thank you online shopping, I'm hooked for life.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Visitors

We have a ton of old friends coming in to stay with us this weekend and I'm slightly afraid to see what the apartment looks like after they leave! But since most of them go to other schools or are already working in their career field it's a nice treat to see them:)

I'll be back to update Monday about our Halloween fun, but here's a sneak peek at my costume for tonight!

I came across it randomly when searching for leg warmers for Jen at our local costume shop. She made me try it on and when I came out of the dressing room 3 different people (strangers!) told me that it was a cute costume. So of course I had to buy it to wear tonight!

Happy Saturday & Halloween Partying!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mail time

I dont know about you, but I love getting mail. Well, mail that isn't bills of course! And getting packages in the mail is my absolute favorite, so when I heard a pounding on our apartment door yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to open the door to one of these guys:

I was even more pleasantly surprised when he said that the package was for ME! Of course I had barely finished signing the slip before I was ripping open to box to find this
It was from one of my favorite little nuggets, my cousin Caleb! He's 8 now and one of the funniest little people I know. Apparently him and my aunt got the idea last week to send me a little Halloween package full of fun stuff like this:
This might possibly be the best box ever because I looooove the green lifesaver mints, celeb gossip, and target! There were also a few boxes of mac n cheese and some of those lipton noodle was the perfect little surprise to make my day better :)

Here's hoping that your day also gets a little boost if you're needing it:)

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eff. Marry. Kill.

Today I'm linking up with the lovely Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for a Thursday edition of Eff-Marry-Kill.

I'm hoping there's some True Blood fans out there because my three sexy men for this week are:
Vampire Bill. Yum.
Vampire Eric. Um hey there, abs. How are ya?
Alcide the Warewolf. Helloooooo nom.

What would you ladies do? I would......

Eff Eric, Kill Bill, and Marry Alcide.
Why? Eric is hot, but Alcide is hot and nice. And Bill is nice but not as hot as Alcide or Eric. You know what I'm sayin'?

Tell me what you'd do and link up with The Vintage Apple to make your own!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

Weekend Recap: Boilermaker Style Part 1

You might not know, but I spent my freshman year at Purdue University, getting to know with these girls:
Christine is my little Indian Princess and probably the sweetest gal I know while Kelsey is even sassier than I am ;)

They knew each other and were best friends from high school so I was nervous about us all getting along. Silly me, because we got along like white on rice. I could not be happier with my random roomie situation and they were literally the highlight of my short time at Purdue.

The three of us were random roommates, plus another girl (but that's another story for later), who lived together in a tiny dorm "apartment" our freshman year. It was one of the best years of my life.
Our first Christmas, December 2008

Favorite football game EVER.  We went to every single home game (thanks for the season tickets papa!) and I've even been to a few U of I ones, but this one, this one was the best one I've been to hands down. 

Well since I've left these lovely ladies back in Indiana, we have been faithful about keeping up with visits back an forth to each other. We have a running New Years tradition which switches off hometowns each year....

But this past weekend was Kelsey's 22nd birthday AND Purdue's Homecoming game against U of I. Does it get any more perfect than that? Nope!

Well I traveled my little happy butt the 1 1/2 hours to Purdue Thursday after my midterm.  We went out and had a ton of fun at an off campus bar where I surprisingly saw a ton of people that I know! We ended the night around 2:30 and little did we know the surprises we had in store for us tomorrow.

Well the girls had class/work Friday so I just got to hang out around campus and at the apartment. It was about noon when we got the news that our friend Jeryn's parked car had been hit last night by some crazy girl trying to drunkenly park her car! Luckily the police were driving by when it happened and arrested her, but the damage to the car was already done.

They were literally ON TOP OF EACH OTHER! (Jeryn's car is the grey/silver one and was pushed into the space next to the one she originally parked in!)

And we weren't done with the surprises yet because one of the other girls visiting for Kelsey's birthday had her car towed! So we took her to go pick it up & she had to drop about $150 to get it back. Thankfully we stayed in that night and just played funny games like "Would you rather" and "Never have I ever" so we could wake up at 5am to go to Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club is a Purdue tradition where everyone over 21 dresses up in costumes on game days and goes out to the bars at 6 am.  I had so much fun! I went as a loofah....
                                   Excuse the bad picture, we were taken off guard while getting ready!

and I have officially been to every bar on Purdue's campus! I guess I can check that off my bucket list now :)  But it was definitely funny to see the differences in campus life between the two schools. I liked aspects of both but I'm very happy to be home on my own campus this weekend!

Here's hoping this Halloween weekend is as fun as my one at Purdue!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In it to win it

I'm entering in a contest to win a new bareMinerals eyeshadow from a lovely lady by the name of Kristen who blogs all about her fabulous adventures here.  She is doing a giveaway and one way to enter is to blog about it!

I've been in love with bareMinerals since my mom gifted me a starter pack for Christmas almost 5 years ago!
Best Christmas present ever! I've been known to gift this a time or two for some fabulous best friends of mine;)

Mostly I've stuck to their concealers and the mineral veil because I love how their concealer has SPF 15 in it already and the way the mineral veil keeps my skin from looking "shiny".  Shamefully, I've never ventured out to any of their other products because I've been pretty content with my go-to products up until now.

But I mean, if I can try this eyeshadow out for free, why not give it a go? I'm sure I'll love it just as much as Kristen did & I'm considering buying it even if I don't win!

Wish me luck Ladies!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

About Me

I'm Mallory,
A 21 year old senior studying Social Work at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. I'm a sorority girl, former cheerleader, and pinterest addict.

I have a best friend named Heather who I've known since before high school,

My other best friend, Sam, who conveniently is Heather's little sister

And a former Roomie/Bestie/Pledge Mama named Jen.

These girls truly make my world go round and I'm sure they'll be referenced frequently in later posts :)

And to wrap it up, a few quirky things about me...

Things I love:
Being a stomach sleeper
The holidays- Thanksgiving is my favorite!
Watching Trashy Reality T.V.
Little kids (aka nuggets!)
Chinese food- I could literally eat it every day!
The Chicago White Sox

Things I hate include:
Anything grape! gum, pop, suckers, name it, I hate it!
Veins- I have no idea why, they just really gross me out
Any fruit except for apples
Incorrect grammar -Their/They're/There    Are/Our      Too/To/Two
Laundry. Enough said.
Jamba Juice (this probably goes along with that whole "disliking fruit" thing)

I'm sure there are tons more that will probably come out as I write more posts, but I think this is a good start for now. Hopefully I gave you a little insight into "me" and made you want to hang around to read some more :)

Pink Kisses & Wishes

I did it!

You guys, I did it. I finally did it!

I've been a blog stalker for a few months now and have wanted to create one of my own for at least the past few weeks. Well, I've finally taken the time think of a cute name, make an adorable header (if I do say so myself), and write my first post!

I can't wait to put in a little love and watch this blog grow!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,