Friday, February 17, 2012

Prezzies & Inspiration Friday

Good Morning, Cupcakes!

I wanted to give you guys the lowdown of my Valentine's Day!

It started with a trip to the post office on my way to my internship so I could pick up the package that my grandma sent me.  Inside, I found a sweet card aaaaaand this:
She picked it out all by herself:) 

I wore it on Wednesday when I had to give my 2nd speech (more on that next week! Read: You get an awesome recipe that you're going to love/hate me for;)  )
I added a belt, but otherwise this outfit is all her!
But back to Tuesday, I got a little  surprise from Matt....
He remembered me saying that my favorite flowers were lilies so he sent me some for V-Day :) It was too funny though, he's a terrible secret keeper and I had a feeling he was sending me flowers. I definitely played dumb though when he asked me;)

And a small prezzie from one of the ladies I work with:
It says: Girls sometimes wear Pink; Boys sometimes wear blue;Parent Wonders is so lucky to have YOU!
 So sweet:) There were some Lindor chocolates inside. ::yummmm:: (Don't mind my messy desk!)

And finally, when I got home, my roomie Alyssa had gotten me a small present:
 We love to bake around here and have never had the Funfetti cookies so we're really excited to try them this weekend:) And Matt's coming down so he can eat most of them so we don't ruin our Spring Break diets;)

Now on to Inspiration Friday with the lovely Sarah from Simply Sarah !

This week I've been really inspired to not spend unnecessary money. Yikes.

I'll be real with you, it's been hard. really hard. I am the shopping QUEEN and can always be found with the "need" to buy something. Well earlier this week I looked at my bank statement and had a "YIKES WHAT AM I DOING?!?" moment. I've put the Kabosh (what, I can't be the only person to still use this word!) on all extra spending. I figure that with what I save, I can do something big of my birthday in August. 

Let's hope I make it!

Now go head over and link up for yourself! :)

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. Isn't it great when a guy remembers our favorite flowers? :) And good for you for refraining from spending. I get like that too...especially when I go to Target. I can always find something I 'need'. Thanks for linking up girly :)

  2. Your grandma did an amazing job..cute outfit!! And I am working on not spending...I haven't been doing very well so far, but I really am working on it!!

  3. Your grandma picked the cutest outfit! How CUTE! And I love the flowers... the star gazer lilies are my favorite! They were my main wedding flower :)
    What a wonderful Valentines day... you've got some amazing people in your life, lucky girl!

  4. New follower :) Just found your post at Simply Sarah. Loving the blog so far!
    Lauren @ Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees

  5. Cute outfit! :)

    <3 Karen from