Friday, September 14, 2012

Everybody loves a good twit every now and then

Ok, ok, highly inappropriate title, but you know you clicked on it because you wanted to see what it was about. Do I know my readers or do I know my readers? ;)
I know I've been slacking in the blogging department, but I've been feeling just so uninspired lately. Sadface.
But I was wracking my brain for some comedic fodder for my fabulous readers when I thought about how much a dirty sailor I sound like.
After I saw this.
Cue swearing.
Yes that's my brand new laptop with LCD screen damage. No, I did not purchase the 2 year warranty plan when promopted at the time of purchase.
Yes I've looked up repair costs online only to be met with "You might as well just get a new laptop, it's about the same amount of $$".
Yes, I cried.
Anywho, I'm now $160 in the hole thanks to buying a late warranty with accidental damage coverage. Do you think they realized I'd have to send it in so soon?;) 
And luckily for you, it also led to a new post!
My bad-word dictionary.
a collection of my favorite words to use when you just can't think of anything else to say
::warning-if you are easily offended, this post is not for you!::
Twatwaffle: Proud to say I learned this from my 7th grade nephew who heard it at school and wanted to know what it meant. Kids these days!
Twit: A little more on the mild side, but greatly underused in my humble opinion.
FRO: Stands for "F* Right Off". Good in situations where swearing isn't an option.
Dick: As in; Stop acting like one, You're being one right now, or Whatta dick. All acceptable. One of my alltime favorite insults.
Asshat: This one packs a bit of a punch in an unexpected kind of a way. Generally good as an element of surprise.
Douche Canoe: Best as a last resort, however highly entertaining to see people's reactions when they here this one. Try it out, you'll love it. I promise.


  1. I, too, love ass hat! My Winesday friends and I have tried to class it up a bit by modifying it to "ass chapeau" from time to time.

  2. I'm sorry about your computer! That really sucks!
    Also, thanks for the new words : )

  3. HA! I love these. Ass hat is probably one of my faves. Sorry about your computer though :(

  4. My son dropped my new pink sony laptop! :( I am looking for someone to fix my screen.
    PS- I love your pink blog! :)

  5. Well that sucks about ur laptop :(...however I cant stop laughing at ur "bad words" lol ...HAHA douch canoe! <3 it

  6. Haha I'm not up on all the lingo...I have to ask people the meanings of things all the time now. Sad face about your computer!!