Friday, April 27, 2012

1st Date Outfits

Those of you who Like me on Facebook saw that I was inspired by an article I read in Cosmo about 1st date outfits. 

I mean, it totally sucks picking out an outfit in general.
Will I be too cold?
Am I too dressy for where I'm going?
I don't have anything to wear.

You get the idea.
And a first date outfit is even worse.

What is he going to wear?
Should I try to be dressy or more casual?
Does this make me look like a chunky monkey?

Chances are that there is nothing in your closet you want to wear.

Well today using my pinterest board for inspiration, I'm going to show a few outfits that I think are adorable 1st date picks!

the date: Going to the movies:

Wear with cute flats or sandals for a more casual look!

the key: Wear layers, it might be cold in the theater and depending on if you want to snuggle up to him or not, bring a light jacket just in case!

the date: Going out to dinner:

Chances are he's not going to take you to a 5 star culinary experience on your first date. whew. So you probably don't need to get too dressy. A simple dress with flats or jeans and a nice shirt will do.

the key: You don't have to be too fancy, but choosing a shirt with an eye catching deatail feels a little dressier. Use can also use jewelry to dress it up!

the date: Meeting him for drinks:
Blazer optional;)

Obviously you want to look hot. But we don't want to go overboard here. Now is the time to whip out these cute new heels but not with that uber short dress you just got at Forever. 
the key: Don't show too much skin, but look sexy and classy at the same time. And hey, at least if it doesn't work out, you look hot and can pick up a new guy!

the date: Going mini-golfing:

Doing something physical requires flats. You do not want to be that girl trying to mini golf in your stilettos. No bueno. 
the key: You want to look cute but still be able to more around and not look like a fool. This outfit also transfers well into dinner or maybe ice cream afterwards if that's where the night takes you:)
What do you gals think? Did I miss anything or would you wear something different? Show me those outfits!
And since I know you're still wondering which one is the lie from yesterday's Two Truths & A Lie post.....
I'll tell ya Monday!
***And!! Stay tuned for a surprise later this week with Alana from Life & Times and PK&W!
Happy Weekending!


  1. I looove these outfits, especially the third one.

  2. Such cute outfits!! Soooo excited for our surprise!

  3. Good advice ;) I didn't know that my first date with my hubby was a date, so I think I was wearing something pretty shabby chic...My advice? Just be your cute self and the guy will think you look like the most gorgeous thing in the world if he's the one!