Monday, April 9, 2012

Le Weekend

This weekend was a busy one. But I had a great time seeing lots of family and eating lots of food.
Friday was a friend's 21st birthday!
This is Alex and I at her birthday dinner!
We went to the Tilted Kilt, anybody heard of it? 
Whenever I told anyone where we were going, they were all "Omg, best food ever! It's going to be so good!"
Liars. All of them. 
The food was terrible and it took us THREE HOURS to get through dinner.
Not to mention, I went up to the bar to buy Alex, Matt, and I a shot to celebrate her birthday. I asked for 3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shots (Sooo good btw!)
He told me "that'll be $23, please."
  I think I had a heart attack right there! 
Guys. I don't even manage to spend that in a while NIGHT down here at school!
Moral of the story: I'm never drinking after graduation unless I'm at a house party. So high school;)

Saturday I colored about a million eggs.
 Some of them were even sparkly! I bet you never would have guessed the Pink Glitter egg in the front row was all mine;)

And Saturday night, we went out to dinner and I went to watch Matt bowl as a fill in on his parent's bowling team. It was actually pretty fun even if I wasn't even bowling!
I also stopped at a (the) local bar on my way home to see my friend Jen. Ended up staying out until wayyyy too late for having to wake up at 6 AM! But it was totally worth it:)

Sunday was all about eating. I think I ate literally every hour. There was just so. much. food. 
Not that I'm complaining;)
I got lots of Easter goodies including flowers from Matt,
Pretty Tulips:)

and some candy/money/clothes goodies in the Easter basket!

I hope everyone's Easter was just as fabulous!



  1. I haven't been to Tilted Kilt but I'd been wanting to-- maybe now I'll eat before I go :) Those tulips are beautiful.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I think I may have to try that shot. Sounds good.

  3. Never heard of it! I would have died paying that much for shots, though. lol
    Pretty flowers!

  4. What the heck is in a Cinnamon toast crunch shot?! That sounds delicious! And pretty flowers :)