Monday, April 30, 2012

2 Truths & a lie: ANSWERED

What's up, Buttercups? :)
I'm going to answer the burning question: Which one was the lie?
1. I once went out (as in to a bar/party) every night for 21 days straight.
This statement is 100% true. Sophomore year my roommate and bestie, Jen, got a job as an on campus bartender. (At U of I you only need to be 19 to get into the bars, but still 21 to drink!) So we were enjoying life going out every night when we only spent maybe $5 each time. We would usually be doing homework and someone would look up and say "I'm almost finished, if you get done by 9, we can go to the bar!". Usually in our yoga pants. It was the best 21 nights ever:)

 2. I have a tattoo that I got as a "I can because I'm 18 and I want to" kind of thing.
I actually got my belly button pierced my freshman year at college because I felt like I needed to do a "because I can" thing. I don't smoke, so I didn't buy cigaretts, and I didn't (and still don't) know of a tattoo I would want for the rest of my lfe, so I went the piercing route. I figured if I hated it, it could still close up:)
But it's still going strong to this day:) So this one was the lie. 
3. I once threw a huge party at my grandparents house and didn't get caught.
Yes, this definitely happened. My entire family was on vacation at our lakehouse in the summer and I had to come back a few days early because I was going to Country Thunder in Wisconsin that weekend. Well what better opportunity to throw a party for all my friends?
I played it smart and only had my closest friends over and to this day my grandparents have no idea:)
Well there you have it, my 2 truths and a lie.
I was surprised by how many people think I have a tattoo! It's always my go to "Never Have I Ever" when we play at parties:)
Hope you're having a happy Monday!


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