Thursday, May 10, 2012

And the votes are in!

Well well well, it looks like I was not anywhere near as good at fooling you guys this time.
Almost all of you guessed correctly which one was my lie!
1. I have broken 2 bones in my life.
Most of you were right in guessing that this was my lie! I've actually never broken a bone in my life. And now that I've jinxed myself, I'm going to go knock on some wood.
2. I have full on Bitch-Slapped a friend, in the face.
This is 100% absolutely true. But not for the reasons you think. I'm only 60% ashamed to admit that it  happened during a night of drinking (surprised?) beacause one of our guy friends wanted to see if his face was numb.  So clearly that meant we should bitch-slap him in the face. 
 I think there's even video of this floating around somewhere.
I have to see if I can track it down for you guys! 
3. I've fallen asleep in a bar.
Yeah, I've fallen asleep at the bar. And not just at the bar, but on the bar! Remember I mentioned my bestie, Jen, was a bartender at an on campur bar?
The owner of the bar loved us! (And not in a gross way, you creeps!)
So one night we didn't want to wait in the line in for the bathroom so the owner gave us the key for the upstairs bar & bathrooms which were closed that night.
Next thing we know, it's after close (2AM) and we're being woken up and asked if we want to order Jimmy Johns with the rest of the staff.
There are definitely some pictures of it, but I can't find them :(
So what did we learn from this link up?
Apparently I'm a really good time when I go out;)
Thank you to everyone who participated in this link-up!! You guys are seriously the best!
&& a special shoutout to Alana for partnering with me for this crazy idea of mine!
If you're not already a follower of hers, you definitely need to go check her out!!
Nighty night, Chickies!


  1. Haha I guessed wrong, but I'm happy that your bitch-slapping story was not near as bad as it could have been!

  2. YES! I'm so happy, so happy #1 was the lie.

    I think we need to go out and grab a drink!

  3. I have fallen asleep at a bar too!

  4. I've never broken a bone either (knock on wood).
    I wanna slap/punch someone!! haha
    And only you would fall asleep...on a bar!