Monday, May 7, 2012

On a scale of 1-10


If you're reading this after 12, I'm FREE! I've completed my very last undergrad final.
If you're reading this before noon, I'm "taking" my last final, aka: giving my very last speech.
Either way around, SCORE!
It's so bittersweet, but now I'm on to bigger and better things.
Like graduation. Which is where you guys come in.
I need your help!
You guys are awesome && clearly I need your opinion on what I should wear for graduation! What are friends for, right? ;)
Here's what I'm working with......
Option 1

This dress is cream lace, with the stretchy belt. It comes to right above the knee, and in the back, is covered up to the neck. Know what I mean? I love this dress because I'm loving lace these days. So romantic and feminine!

Option 2


This dress is a coral color and in the back, the straps criss-cross. It hits right above the knee and is made of a chiffon-like material. I like this one because its so light and kind of "effortlessly" cute.
Option 3
This dress is coral/white striped, with a hot pink skinny belt. It's got a sweetheart neckline and this spaghetti straps. It kits above the knee and has a little bit of poof towards the bottom. I especially love the way this dress lays!
Option 4


This dress is strapless with a pinstripe pattern (you can see it better in the second picture!) and it has a sash that ties into a nice bow in the back. It hits right above the knee and has pockets! I like this one because I think it lays in a very flattering way.
 So here's what I'd like you to do:  leave a comment ordering the dresses into "like the most" to "like the least".  
You guys are the best!!
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  1. I think they're all very cute! I would go with either the second or the last.

  2. 1342. Although 3 & 4 are a close tie. I think number 2 might be a little too casual (still cute though, fo sho).

  3. Ooh this is tricky. I think I like the last one the best--it's formal enough for the occasion but still fun and a little casual.

  4. I like the pinstripe dress the best! Congratulations on your last final!!

  5. 3 1 2 4 is my preference :) You look great in them all.

  6. 1 3 2 4 is my order! I love the lace one, it loos so comfy and flattering.

  7. I think that they are all cute, but I think the last one is the most graduation appropriate!

  8. lace is perfect! so feminine, so number one!

  9. My vote is for 3 - perfect fit and color!

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