Monday, May 21, 2012

Honeyyyyyy I'm home!

Goodness, forced blogger breaks are killer!!!
It's soooooooo nice to be back:)
And I have a TONof pictures for you guys! Super exciting, I know.
The last week of my internship was pretty boring (especially without internet to distract me when I got home!) but the past few weekends have been jam packed.
Let's start off with graduation weekend:
Matt came down on Friday night to help me send out my undergrad in style. We went with my 2 roommates to a local mexican place and had good food and awesome drinks!
Matt enjoyed a Margarona, while us girls split a pitcher of Margs!

Excuse my no makeup/crazy hair, it was H-O-T and we were running around picking up graduation gowns!

After dinner I came home and opened my graduation present from him.
Ladies, meet........

Matt was so excited to give it to me, he made me open it on Friday. It was like he was the one getting the present!
But I think he did a pretty good job picking out a graduation present, don't you? :)
Especially considering I'm seriously obsessed with this Michael Kors Satchel.
Michael is my new lova;)

Afterwards, we got ready to go out with friends.
There may or may not have been a dumpster dived wheelchair involved in our festivities....

 Ready for a night on the town! Firehaus bound!

My friend Dave, we went to high school together:)

Heather's excited it's her turn in the dumpster recovered wheelchair!

Heather and I at Firehaus! Clearly I need a tan...
We drank fishbowls (literally a fishbowl filled with blue booze and sprite)all night. The object is to take the 4 long straws and keep drinking until the entire thing is empty. Talk about a buzz;)
And finished up with Jimmy Johns at 2 AM when we had to get up Saturday at 7 for graduation.

But that's a story for tomorrow!
Happy Monday, Y'all!



  1. Nothing better than a fishbowl full of booze...nothing!

  2. OMG! He did soooo good! LOVE the bag!