Thursday, May 3, 2012

Playin' hookie. Wait that sounded porny didn't it?

Since Monday was a two energy drinks kind of day (as evidenced by instagram)
breakfast of champions right here!
I've never seen this kind of drink before. Jury is still out, but I think I kinda like it!
& I'm stuill trying to catch up, I'm playing hookie today. (In the non dirty minded way!)
And after a HORRIBLE Tuesday at my internship I just need a regrouping day.
So I'm taking one.
Ahhhh, it feels so nice:)
In other news:
Check out my new scarf and headband!
Both for under $12. I love outlet malls:)

Happy Thursday, chickas!


  1. Cute and cute! You are just too adorable!

  2. I love the Starbuck's Refreshers! The Strawberry lemonade and pomegranate raspberry are my favorite.

  3. Energy drinks are DEFINITELY the breakfast of champions...I'm having mine right now!