Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Dangers of Facebook :As Told by The Graceless Lady

Because she's a doll (and one of the most hilarious blogging ladies I know) Alissa, has agreed to guest post for me while I'm away on vacation.
Here are her thoughts on Facebook.
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Can anyone remember what the world was like before Facebook? Even Myspace?

It's amazing what you can find out about a person by just being friends with them on Facebook. Whether it's a friend or a love interest, FB has really stepped up the stalking game when it comes to getting to know someone.

How many people are still friends with their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend for stalking purposes only? I'm not, FYI.  Instead of mourning a break up in private, with the help and support from your closest friends, you now have people "liking" that you went from "in a relationship" to "single" ...is it even okay to like that? My guess is most people that do a Facebook aka public break up, want the attention for it. Which is a whole different issue in my book.

Having a few drinks and playing therapist is my new hobby. Photo Cred.

Some people use Facebook messages to communicate instead of emails. Say you're talking to someone privately, haven't heard back from them but see that they updated their status. Is it time to freak out? Do you count the minutes before they send you a response, and if they don't, how are you supposed to move forward with the pseudo relationship?

Who hasn't sat in front of their cell phone, willing it to do SOMETHING. Incoming text/email/phone call/FB message/tweet. A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. It turns your brain to mush. Sane people are calling their cell phones from their landlines to ensure that their phone is still working. I've done it.

Don't judge. We've all been there. Photo Cred.

And when your phone does go off, and it's just one of your friends saying they can't find anything good to watch on TV, how freakin pissed are you? Livid, I bet. Nothing is worse than seeing someone update their status "via mobile" when they haven't answered your text message in hours.

The two worst parts about meeting someone new: waiting to hear from them and not knowing what they're thinking. Facebook makes that 100 times worse.

He put up a depressing status ...I wonder what that means.
He just checked in at a bar... probably getting drunk and flirting with other women.
Some girl commented on his status ...they are probably hooking up.
He was tagged in a photo with another girl... they are probably dating.
But the girl in the picture is different from the one that commented on his status...
Is he seeing multiple girls?
Am I just another one of those girls?

See what I mean? Downward. Spiral.

A quote from He's Just Not That Into You (great movie, even better book) says it all:

"Things have changed. People don't meet each other organically anymore. If I want to seem attractive to the opposite sex, I wouldn't go get a new haircut, I'd update my profile, it's just the way it is."

Personally, I hate the way it is.What about you?

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  1. Ugh! These words could not be more true. Hence why I deleted my facebook!

  2. Couldn't agree more!!!! I barely even use Facebook anymore because it has become 99% drama. People no longer feel any shame in airing their dirty laundry for the world to see!