Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friends from the start, Sisters at heart: As told by Janna @ Perception is Everything

Well, hello there my dears!
I am super happy that Mal asked me over for a visit, today.
Isn't she just PRESH?

As I was thinking about what to talk about today, I remembered something
 major that we have in common.....

We are both proud SORORITY girls!

Now my sorority days ended several years ago and we were in different sororities, 
but I still know what she is going through right now.
I know that she is:
A) So stoked to have graduated...
B) Feeling bittersweet about leaving her sorority.
{Obviously more bitter than sweet}

In her honor, I will share some of MY sorority memories.

Sisterhood: DPhiE



and i was falling...



Diabetes walk 2007! tag yourselves lol there are too many of us!


little Timmy is the coolest kid i have ever met!! This was one of our fundraisers for CFF!

And of course, Socializing!

tag urselves lol

The SigEp boyzzzz



Georgia's such a hot lil pinup girl

I happened to be Social Chair, so planning the fun stuff was my job ;)

I will NEVER forget any of these amazing memories, and neither will you, girl.
We may not be in the same sorority, but sisterhood transcends.
As a matter of fact...can we start a blog sorority?
ONE BIG one, and then we can ALL be sisters.
A girl can dream, right?

It's been fun y'all, and until next time- you can check me out HERE and HERE.
Hope you are having a FABULOUS vacation, Mal!



  1. Looks like some great memories! lol. I went to a private school, so our sororities were called "social clubs." I was only in club for a year but I loved it!

  2. Hope you are having fun on your vacay girl!

  3. I went to a private school, so we didn't have sororities. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have been in one..

  4. Ahhh, sisterhood :) I was in a sorority too! Pi Beta Phi. I'm with you on the sorority blog thing!

  5. I like to think we are all Panhellenic sisters. :)

    Loved my sorority days. I'm going to a reunion in August with my pledge class...we're spending a weekend in Atlantic City together. Can't wait!

  6. Wahhhhh I miss my sorority & college!!! :( Love all your pics though!!!

  7. love this janna! i was a sorority girl too!!! formals were always my favorite!!

  8. Love her.

    Happy Vacation.