Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No good, very bad day.

I have a series of things I ually do to ensure that I do not have a bad day.
This especially comes in handy when I have a big test, important meeting, or a string of prior bad days;)
1. Wear pretty underwear.
I'm totally serious, guys! I have an obsession love for Victorias Secret and I'm all about matching cute bras and underwear. Even if nobody else can see it, I still know that its on:)
2. Take extra time on my makeup.
Basically that means taking any time on my makeup.
Eyelashes go a long way, and feeling glamourous can be an instant mood booster for me!
(Speaking of make-up, stay tuned for a post about my new finds! For cheap!)
3. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and relax.
Yes, you definitely read that right. I like to spend the time reading a mindless book or magazine or snuggling in bed before I have to start getting ready. It helps me feel less rushed and more put together.
And in the event that I've already had a bad day and need a fix?
1. Read a trashy magazine.
US weekly, Cosmo, People. You know the drill.
2. Watch trashy television (Anyone noticing a pattern? I promise it stops here;))
Teen Mom, Bridezillas, Real World....anything to get the job done.
3. Blog.
You ladies are enough for me. Everytime I log into Blogger y'all have brightened my day somehow:) So Thank You!
And on reallyyyy bad days?
1. Eat raw cookie dough.
Don't tell the raw egg police, but it's just so delicious!!
What do you do on bad days to make yourself feel better?


  1. bahahahaha. Love the last one! That's my answer to everything!

  2. Waking up 15 mins sucks but its totally worth it! and usually I'll watch trashy TV - got seasons 1-4 of jersey shore!, or make my girlfriends listen to me untill there sick and tell me to stop bitching LOL

  3. Haha "Don't tell the raw egg police". Soooo true. These are all great! Well, except for the trashy tv part. I'd rather watch old sitcoms or a feel good movie.

  4. Completely with you on the cute underwear thing! I don't care if no one can see, pretty lacy underwear gives me a confidence boost!