Friday, July 6, 2012

World's Longest Post

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from all of the festivities of yesterday if you participated. If not, I'm begrudging you your hangover-free morning;)

But back to business before I leave for vacation tomorrow:

I got my hair cut last Friday and am In. Love. with my adorable new hair stylist! I've finaly found a place near home where I can get a nice cut and color and that makes this girl happy:) I forsee us being BFFL's.

She was so sweet, she was begging to curl and play with my hair. Of course I let her, that's like ultimate pampering!!

And a little graduation party recap:
It was 5370854 degrees but a fabulous success:)

These were the drink signs to go in front of the party punches.
My cousin Leesa put a lot of extra effort into making the party special for me and I love her for it:)
The little Illini "I" in each name was an adorable touch she came up with!

And now for my cake,
you guys are going to be so jealous......

I mentioned that I didn't want a cake "like everyone elses" a.k.a.- orange and blue sheet cake with "Congrats Mallory!" on it.
This is the masterpiece that came out:) 
Love Love Love! 

I'll have the people pictures when I come back from vacation so you'll just have to wait until then :)

Aaaaand for my 2 Truths and A Lie answers....

I have definitley been pulled over without any pants on.
I was running late to get to tumbling practice on time and thought I was being smart by taking the back roads and changin while driving.
Who does that?!
This girl.
And I was totally pulled over for speeding with my shorts around my ankles. It was a total scramble to get them up before the cop got to my window! And too bad he wasn't cute :(  And i got my first ticket.
Terrible ending for sure.
Except that I wasn't taken to jail for indecent exposure. So that's a win in my book.

I have felt a fake boob.
I actually have a friend who only has ONE fake boob. You know how almost every girl's boobs are two different sizes? Her's had three sizes difference. One was an A cup and one was a D! So clearly, she got an implant to make the A cup into a D :)
She told me her "secret" by letting me feel to see the difference.
It's like a fun party trick when I can say I've felt one before. Great pick up line, ladies.
Just kidding! Do not ever go out with someone you picked up by telling them you've felt a fake boob!!
just a little life lesson for you;)

I have never been walked in on while in a compromising position.
Knock on wood, this has never happend to me.
Although my mom definitiely came home a little earlier than planned one time and there was a mad scramble to make it look like we were just "hanging out".
I can't believe I just admitted that online.
::insert finger crossing that this never comes back to haunt me::

So there you guys go.
A steamy look into my July 2 Truths & A Lie:)




  1. 1. your hair looks AMAZING!!!!!!! so jealous.
    2. that is the most adorable cake i've ever seen! way to stand out from all the boring sheet cakes :)
    3. i've been caught in a compromising position once... by a cop! awkwarddddd... hahahah

  2. I had a sneaky feeling that being pulled over with your pants down had something to do with cheer!

  3. Gorgeous cake!
    Cute hair!
    And I think I guessed right!

  4. You looked GORGEOUS girl! I loved your dress too. I hope you have a FABULOUS trip!