Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Two Truths & A Lie Link-up!

Well hello again!
I know I've been missing 'round these parts, but that's because my computer zonked out on me again! But don't worry, I put my flirty pants on yesterday and scored myself a new computer $200 cheaper than what they were trying to sell it to me for! Woo!
Whoa. There's so many exclaimation points in that first paragraph my weekly quota is probably all used up.
Sorry boutcha;)
Anywho, Two Truths & A Lie Link-Up is today!!
So onto the good stuff,
1. I have ridden a mechanical bull.
2. Some of the clothing in my closet is from the kids department.
3. I have had braces.
Which one do you think is true?:)


  1. I'm going to guess that you have had braces in the lie!

    Also, way to go on the new computer!

  2. I'm guessing #1 is the lie!

  3. I'm going to say that #1 is a lie, because I wear clothes from the kids department, and you have a beautiful smile! Sorry for the computer! Last time that happened to me, we were able to sell my old one for parts to recoup some money...If you haven't already gotten rid of it!

  4. I'm guessing the braces thing is the lie! If it is, you are SO lucky & I am beyond jealous. My boyfriend never had braces either. He was just blessed with white, straight, huge beaver teeth. hehe :)