Friday, August 10, 2012

Am I a Liar?

Yes, yes I am!
1. I have ridden a mechanical bull.
100% True!! At school there is a bar that hosts "Country Night" on Tuesdays and every other week had a mechanical bull there for everyone to ride.
I only made it like 2 seconds (It's way harder than it looks!) but it was definitely an experience;)
I'll have to see if I can dig up the video!
2. Some of the clothing in my closet is from the kids department.
This one is true too! I can somtimes fit into kids size shoes (size 6!) and can usually fit into a kids XL. It's so much nicer to pay their prices than the extra $10 for the adult shirt that says S!
It doesn't always work out, but for tshirts and the like, it's definitely saved me a few bucks:)
3. I have had braces.
Never Have I Ever.....had braces. I have had one tooth pulled because the adult one came up in a crazy spot, but otherwise, no dental work for me.
Not even a cavity! (Which is amazing considering the amount of crap I ate in my younger years)
So that's that. I'm a liar, but I promise it's only for the fun of the game;)


  1. I was right!! I have some kids clothes, too. lol

    Love the new look!

  2. Yay I guessed right! I still wear some kiddie clothes too. My favorite pair of denim shorts are from Abercrombie Kids hehe