Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Things I don't scrimp on

There are certain things where you just have to suck it up and spend the extra money on to get the brand name. Now, I'm a huge fan of saving a few bucks if the time calls for it, but for some reason I just can not bring myself to go generic for!
1. Mascara
I love love love lashes and have been known to use up to 4 different kinds at once. I'm a huge believer that just putting mascara on means you can step out of the house with confidence!
2. Tissues
Um anyone else with allergies feel me on this one?? Once Spring and Summer are here, it's hello sneezy.  I need some nice tissues to keep my nose not Rudolph Red!
Puffs Plus Lotion is where it's at!
3. Bras
Hellooooooo Victoria Secret. I'm obsessed (putting it mildly), but also enjoy Aerie & Gilly Hicks bras in a pinch. I feel like any other brand I've tried has fallen apart or become stretched out/uncomfortable much quicker than my beloved VS ones.
4. Peanut Butter
I'm a Jif girl at heart. None of this Peter Pan or Skippy stuff:P
5. Spaghetti Sauce
Prego all the way, baby! Ragu is just not gonna cut it for me.
6. Gym Shoes
I like my Nike shoes, not just any "tennis shoe".
7. Shampoo/ Conditioner
Biolage! It saved my hair after I went away to college.
You mean teasing, ratting, straightening, and drinking tons of alcohol isn't good for your hair?? Who knew?!
 8. Toilet Paper
 I once made the mistake once of letting Matt pick up toilet paper for my apartment and he brought over industrial toliet paper they use in schools and fast food places.
And since we're in the spirit...
Things I could care less about
I am not brand loyal. If I can save a few pennies on gas, you can bet your sweet ass I'll be over at the station with the lowest price!
Nail Polish
None of this $8 polish stuff. I don't paint my nails enough to even get through an entire bottle before it goes bad so I like to stick with the $0.99 ones!
Designer sunglasses? Hardly.
This girl has gone through 4 pairs already this summer. Yes FOUR.
 Isn't it funny what different people prefer? I know some people who refuse to use cheap nail polish but could care less about shampoo and conditioner.
What can/can't you live without? :)


  1. My price limit for a pair of shades is a whopping five bucks. I break and or lose sunglasses like no other it's ridiculous. I'm not trying to carry my shades around like a small child. Throw them in the bag and have no cares because they're five dolla

  2. You are my kinda girl!! I totally agree on everything you listed!!

  3. I agree with the mascara, toilet paper, nail polish and tennis shoe ones. Also, I would go a step further and say that I don't care if my gasoline has ethanol in it. If it's cheap, it's cheap! haha. Hasn't broke my car yet! However, I disagree on the sunglasses. I typically wouldn't pay much for them, but I caved and bought a pair of Coach. Those are my babies! They don't leave their case unless they're on my face!

  4. JIF!!!!!! Hell yes. My mom always tries to convince me that the knock-off brand peanut butters taste the same... bitch be trippin.

  5. I can agree on this list. Most of these things I would NOT scimp on!