Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An aniversary and crafting post

September 9th is coming soon!
Who cares?
Me! And that one guy I like to call my boyfriend does too.
(Don't worry, he totally reciprocates and calls me his girlfriend. Unlike the boys I called my "boyfriend" in 3rd grade. Their loss;))
Which reminds me.
Is 22 the year that old boyfriends are supposed to write on your wall for your birthday?
I kid you not, no less than FOUR of them did.
Wait, jk, timeline hates me. Which is fine because I hate it back and have possibly said some nasty things about it behind its back.
Just take my word for it on the ex-boyfriends feeling the need to spread the birthday love.
Anyway, back to anniversaries....
Mine and Matt's is coming up and I've been searching pinteresting to see what I could get him.
Obviously I came across this ever popular pin
and checked it out.
$65?! Are you kidding me?!
So I tried my hand at it using the MyMemories Suite I won at my girl Alana's blog, Life & Times.
What do ya think? Pretty close, right?! 
I had it printed on an 8x10 and framed it in one I found at Hobby Lobby.
Photobucket Photobucket  
I'm excited to start working on the second 1/2 of his present so I can show you guys:)
Happy Crafting!


  1. The things people are charging these days. Who does that when Pinterest is around and can show you how to do everything yourself?! You did a great job it looks really cute.

  2. You did a great job! It looks JUST like the original!

  3. Congrats on approaching the 1 year mark! September 10th will be four years for me and Chris. Officially the "Are you guys getting married?" couple. NO. No, we're not.

    I'm 99% sure that Chris would assume I was cheating on him or trying to kiss his ass for something if I gave him anything like that. He's totally the girl in our relationship. Totally.

    Such a cute idea, though! And I really need to get my ass to Hobby Lobby!

  4. I love that! It looks really good. Don't you love how it is so easy now to make nice things like that

  5. That looks amazing!! I am doing a review of MMS, but haven't tried it out yet. Now I am excited!

  6. OMG why would anyone pay that much when you can make your own version that's JUST as amazing!! You did a great job!!