Monday, June 25, 2012

If I were......

If I were a pair of shoes, I'd be this pair of shoes.
The ultimate girly shoe. Lace and bows? Heck yes! Classy and a little bit impractical, I love every inch of these things!

Side note*: Have I ever to guys about how I didn't wear pants until I was like 8??
No, not like that.
Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies.
I meant I only wore dresses and skirts until I was 8. Literally had a fight with my mom every morning about how I wanted to wear a dress and no I didn't care if everyone could  see my underwear! Maybe a preview into my college years?
Kidding, people! ;)

If I were a ring, I'd be this ring.

Vintage, girly, and PINK! Are we noticing a pattern yet? I love love love this little beauty! Hint hint to the boyfriend;)

If my life were a slogan, it would be this slogan.

Obviously, I have a slight obsession with diet coke. It's a hard habit to kick, but I'm working on it, promise!

If I were to buy another swimsuit, I would buy this suit.

Quick, somebody tell me I don't need this suit! (But believe me, I would be all. over. it. if that body came as part of the package;) )

And last, If I were to have a library in my home, it would look like this library.
It's so perfectly on display! And we all know I love books, so to be able to see them all the time would make me happy :)

What would describe your life? :)



  1. Ahh I did the same exact thing with my mom about pants! I didn't understand pants. I thought they were only for boys. I would scream and cry until she gave me a dress.

    There was one exception though...leggings, with stirrups under the feet.

  2. those shoes.. i die!! where are they from? they would be perfect wedding shoes :)

  3. I have that bathing suit...GET IT!

  4. I enjoy all of this! Especially that ring! Gorgeous! I loved wearing dresses when I was little too, but they HAD to be "twirly" dresses.

  5. awesome answers :)

    love that library staircase!

    just saying "hi" from one chicago-area girl to another :)