Friday, June 15, 2012

Listen betch, let me tell you how this works

Feliz Friday Darlings!

Today I've got a little recap of my reunification with my college bestie, Jen.

She's also my pledge mama, so this was us making XΩ:) Also, can I just say I need a tan?!
 Wednesday night we finally worked it into our schedules where we could get together and found ourselves at Bar Louie to get dinner and a drink.

You guys, I drank out of a mason jar. I felt so country, y'all;)

Our second round. It's a little blurry, but read belos to see why!

Of course our trip wouldn't be complete without a 50ish year old drunk man walking over to our table and asking us if we were 40 yr old women, would we go for him? He claimed to have a blind date the next day and wanted to know if he was attractive. Jen and I just kept looking at each other and trying to get him to go away (hence the using my phone to take a picture of our drinks!). He eventally wandered off but not before he told us how helpful and sweet we were. Lawls.

Stopped at a red light
 After dinner we went back to my hometown and met our boys out for one more drink. The bar was absolutely dead since it was Wednesday and it was perfect because we all got to talk and hang out. It was a fabulous end to the night:)

And tonight I'm off to a birthday barcrawl and another one tomorrow. I can already feel my liver protesting.

Happy Weekending!


  1. Drinks just taste better in mason jars don't they?

  2. I feel like I might need to have an intervention soon...send you to some AA! haha jk

  3. Aww I love getting reunited with my sorority sisters!