Wednesday, June 6, 2012

True True True

So I know you're all dying to know the answers to yesterday's link up.
And we'll get to it, promise.

But first I just want to say Thank you Thank you for all of your participation!! You guys rock my socks off and I'm loving being able to learn fun things about you thanks to this link up. I know I'm getting more and more outrageous with what I'm "revealing" and I think it's awesome (and a little comforting)  that you guys have just as crazy lives as I do!

So without further adeu,

1. I have dated a friend's ex.
This one is.....True! But not in a bad way, promise!
My Bestie, Heather, dated Jon, my high school sweetheart, when they were in 8th grade. But they dated for a few months, which in 8th grade romance world, is like 3 years any other time. But they were broken up by the time I met Heather that summer before high school. And Jon and I didn't start dating until Sophomore year.  We went on to date for a little over 2 years.

Now of course I think he's a complete douche bag, but hey, that's what high school love is for;)
2. I have caught a friends puke with my own hands.
This one is.....TRUE! But it didn't happen to me!! My friend Aly was allowed to have people over in her basement to drink, but only if we stayed the night and turned in our keys. Well it was after a dance when our friend Dan had a leeeetle too much to drink. He started puking and Aly couldn't reach a bowl fast enough and apparently thought it was a good idea to catch it with her hands. GROSS.
Look, they're still friends:) She's the one in the middle (getting the cheek kiss from yours truely) and Dan is on the right. And of course that's my bestie Heather photo bombing in the back!
3. I have made a walk of shame in a cowboy outfit, complete with straw in my hair. And it wasn't Halloween...
Um, yeah. This totally happened. Have you guys ever heard of a Barndance? It's literally a dance in  barn where you wear "western clothes".  Think plaid shirts, cowboy boots, and hats. You bring your own beer (or beverage) and a bus takes you to the barn, and back to campus.  It's usually something a fraternity or sorority does and the first one I went to was with my freshman year boyfriend, Max. (He was a sophomore ::wink wink::) and I stayed the night because I clearly was not making it up the hill to my dorm! Aaaaaaand of course the next morning was parents weekend morning and I was forced to do my walk of shame in my clothes from the night before....Cowboy hat, plaid shirt, jean miniskirt, and cowboy boots.

Yes, I am the epitome of classy. 



  1. YES, I love a good walk of shame! Love it! :)

  2. bahahaha. Love it! I knew you wouldn't catch puke in your hands!

  3. Totally think we could be BFFs after reading this.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. but you classyness, makes great stories ;) LOL great post

  5. Hahaha, I am SO GLAD that #2 didn't happen to you.

  6. haha I feel bad for your friend. Although, I have puked on a cop and feel bad about it. I should have saved that one for the link up!