Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A little slice of heaven

Yesterday was awesome in that it involved two of my favorite things; baseball, chinese food, and wine.
So I guess that's three things. Whoops:)

Remember how I told you guys I was going to this little cutie's last little league game?

Well, they won! So we'll be advancing in the tournament and playing again Saturday. Let's give him and his team a little blogger dust to win again, deal? :)

I clearly had a great time in the hot hot sun. But at least it made for a good picture:)

And dinner with Matt at P.F. Changs brought the other two favorite things, chinese food and wine!
As seen on Instragram. Follow me @Malpal0801 :)
Dinner was delicious and I can barely even control myself to wait until lunch time to break into those left overs. Don't you just hate that?! Sometimes I think lunch should be at 10AM. Maybe that's something I'll look into for the next election?;)

I'm outta here because this girl's feeling the call of online shopping....and hearing the S.O.S. call that's coming from my debit card;)


  1. Enjoy shopping for me! Glad you had a good day yesterday!

  2. i have been craving chinese food for days!! perhaps i need to head on over to pf changs... and good luck little baseball team :)

  3. Oh man, I want some PF Changs in my life!!