Monday, June 11, 2012

Nuggets & BWW

Hey there Lovebugs!

I'm hoping you all had a ridiculously relaxing weekend, because mine was go go go and someone deserves it if I can't have it!

Wanna get the low down?

Friday was a big day. I had a job interview and am pretty sure I nailed it, even though I'm not sure I want the job. But to reward myself, I went shopping for a new shirt for the evening. Look what I found....

But the best part is the back....

Bam! I'm in love:) Best part is that it was $15 from Charlotte Russe!

Matt and I went to a birthday party for one of his friends/cousins that night. You know, those people you call "aunt" even though they're not really related to you? Jimmy is a "cousin" like that.

We only stayed a little while because their "parties" are not like my parties. As in, I don't allow children to be running aruond while all of the "adults" are getting wasted and playing drinking games like they do. Not my kinda party.

Am I being too judgey??

Anyway, we dipped out early and went on a triple date with the twins, Jen and Amy, and their husbands. (OMG I feel old typing that!) We went to BWW and had soooo many good noms  ::drooling while remembering::

Twin Sammich!
I babysat some of my favorite nuggets, Sam & Sadie. Their parents went to the Brad Paisley concert in the city so I had them overnight.

Now if you don't remember, Sadie has a crush on Matt. Girlfriend was all up in his lap and playing "Tickle Tickle" with him last time she saw him. (She's 2, I'll forgive her. I mean, he is pretty cute;))

And friday, she kept taking my phone, batting her lashes, waving, and saying "Hi Matt!".
So we took a picture and sent it to him:)

Excuse my no makeup/ bun hair look. We had been swimming all day:)

I had a family baby shower to attend. Now let me just say, I have only met this woman once. Once! 3 hours was way too long to travel for someone I've seen ONE time.
But I wore that blue pin stripe dress I showed you guys in the On a scale of 1-10  post. (Option 4!)
Here's picture of us while traveling:

Aaaaaand I guess it was worth it because I won a prize!

Apparently I know the most about babies....and I don't have any kids. Someone explain that one to me?

I'm sure I'll be taking that nice little $10 target GC and treating myself to something and frivolous....any suggestions?!



  1. I had a baby at my house on Friday. There were people over and them mom was all annoyed that they were being loud, and the baby wouldn't sleep.

    I was like, "This is a PARTY. Take him home!"

    It was my SIL and nephew. Not to mention my parents live next door and would gladly watch him for a few hours.

    Okay, rant over! Just saying that I know what you mean about that!

  2. What a weekend!
    bahahaha. I love that you won the game b/c you knew the most about babies!

  3. i am in love with your new top! i can't believe it was only $15, so cute :)

  4. I really like that new shirt! supper cute.