Thursday, June 7, 2012

Team Spirit

Last night Matt and I went to a White Sox game.  He loves baseball (in fact, he still plays on an adult softball league) and I'm pretty fond of it too;)

The game was a blast.
I had funnel cake. For dinner.
It was a 6 years old's dream.

And what made it even better were the people sitting around us. We seemed to be in an especially friendly/funny section and everyone chatted about the game the entire time.

But there was one WTF moment which I think you guys will appreciate....

In the row behind Matt and I, there were 2 redneck guys who are being slightly loud/obnoxious. Well a nice family of 4 comes to sit next to them. The way they were sitting, the mom had the redneck man on her left and on her right was her 17 year old daughter, husband, and 8 year old son.

This woman flirted for the enitre game with the redneck man!!!

They were talking about booze,
"I love jack and coke, it always means I have a good night;)" -lady
"Oh, would you like me to get you some tequilla?"-redneck man

and they even became facebook friends.
Yeah, that totally happened.

But not until she had to borrow her husband's phone to get on facebook to friend him.

Haha Matt just kept leaning over and whispering to me "If you ever did that we'd be divorced!". The people right next to us were joking about it too, so funny!

But enough with the boring stuff, here's some pictures:)

Matt & I :)
This is my future husband, Paulie. He's pretty much a beast:)
We were so close! That's the catcher, A.J.
Aaaand a throwback from when we went to Opening Day. Even though Matt's eyes are almost closed.
What can I say, he's mine, and I love 'em:) 

Happy Thursday to all, and to all, a good evening!



  1. Some people have no morals!! UGH! BTW, y'all are PRECIOUS!

  2. Facebook brings out the slut in all of us!

    PS: I love that there are no adult baseball leagues, always softball!

  3. such a cute blog.. new follower!

  4. The lady and the redneck cracked me up! You can't even make that stuff up. Haha. You two are super cute together!!