Thursday, June 14, 2012

OOTD....with a twist

I'm normally not an OOTD person, because I don't think I dress anywhere near as cute as you guys. But, because I am a betch, I often take photos of other people in their "fashionable" picks when I'm out and about. They make for very funny texts in the middle of the day:)

Here are a few of the gems I've seen recently...

Yes, that really happened. And I know this girl in real life. Gag!

This would be a lady (Lady?) riding her scooter through the drive-thru at White Castle.
No words.
Saw this little beauty walking down a very busy road as I was on my way to work. Do anybody's pants need to be that high?!
Ok, ok, so that third picture might actually be me blurred to protect my identity. Whoops! But before you go thinking "Wtf is she thinking, that's not her?!" (Don't lie, you know you didn't believe it was me!), I swear I did not go out in public like that!
We were playing around with the painters mask kit while we were painting the basement. It had a face mask, that jumpsuit, bootie feet covers, and gloves. Very fashionable;)
I actually sent that picture to Matt and asked if that outfit was OK to wear to our date later that night. Like a true gentleman he said helllll no. :) He's a keeper!

So since I have so many of these pictures, I believe I might start a new series. Maybe I'll call it WTF Were They Thinking....would that be something you guys would like?

Just know that even if you're not having the best Thursday, at least your day is better then these people's!



  1. I had to Google "OOTD" to figure out what it meant.

    I am so out of the friggin loop.

    PS: That's totes me in the drive-thru.

  2. Omg the first picture!!! Like for real?! Haha! Your friends must love getting these texts! So funny! I see your a sorority girl. I was a gamma phi beta about 5 years ago in college. Gooooooood times!! Formals were my fav! Adorable blog, new follower!