Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oh Hai.

Oh hai there.

Long time no talk!

::insert classic blogger absence excuse here- life is crazy:: You know the drill.

Anywho, today is Alana's and my link up for Two Truths & A Lie!! It's our first one since the debut and I'm excited to keep it going. Believe it or not, I still have a few fabulously shocking stories up my sleeves;)

So in an effort to keep you guessing, pick which one is the lie.....

1. I have dated a friend's ex.
2. I have caught a friends puke with my own hands.
3. I have made a walk of shame in a cowboy outfit, compelte with straw in my hair. And it wasn't Halloween...

So leave me a guess on what you think I'm lying about and link up for yourselves!
I can't wait to get back to regular blogging:)

After while, crocodiles!



  1. Just about to put mine up!

    I really hope #3 is true...

    I'm going to guess #1

  2. My guess is #2 is the lie just because it's so disgusting! bahahaha

  3. I love #3! I'm gonna say #1 is the lie.

  4. You're about to need to catch my own in your hand if that's true.

  5. I love this link up! I'm guessing number 2 is a lie, at least I hope.

  6. I'm guessing number two is a lie. At lest I hope so, ew.

  7. haha awesome! i'm guessing number 1 is a lie

  8. I'm thinking 3#! Haha. Hope you are doing ok other than being busy! xoxo

  9. I really really hope 2 is the lie. ICk