Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This post of brought to you by the Number 5 and the Letter M

You're getting a numbered post today because I'm feeling in a number mood. Maybe it's because my job forces me to watch an excessive amount of Sesame Street and Baby Einsteins. Hence my post title.
*Side note: Do you know how annoying those shows are when they're on repeat? REAL FREAKING ANNOYING. I know kids love repetitition, but come on.

Now back to regular posting,

1. I went to a kick boxing cardio with free weights class last night. Let's talk about how sore my legs are. Holy crap that stuff is a good workout! I'll definitely be going back next Monday.

2. I went running this morning before work. I know, can you even believe it? I'm totally not that girl  who is good about running and blogging about it. It's so not a "me thing" I even forgot to take the classic instagram photo of my awesome hot pink running shoes when I tied them on this morning. You know what I'm talking about.  ::makes mental note to remember to take a picture for proof next time::

3. Tonight I'll be going to Caleb's last little league game of the season. It will be the only time you'll see me rooting for New York;)  But he's so cute, how can I resist?
4. I'm not even sorry that right now my "job" consists of me reading my favorite guilty pleasure mags. Ahh, bliss. And it kind of makes up for the sesame street reruns that are now the soundtrack to my life.

5. I'm going to PF Changs with Matt tonight and I can't wait to eat just about everything in sight. I love that place! ::drools on keyboard thinking about the deliciousness::

 Peace Out, Girl Scouts!



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  1. Enjoy PF Changs tonight...yum!

    Are you a...nanny? I was a nanny for a couple of years. I have some pretty interesting stories from that time period.