Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Nails

I have to go get my nails done soon or I'm going to die. I've had fake nails since recruitment this summer (around the end of August) and I've been faithful with keeping up with them.  Every two weeks. Without fail.  Well since I've been home, I've been slacking.  It's super busy around here and I just can't seem to find the time!
But with Christmas coming up SO QUICKLY! I have to get them done. It's one of my biggest pet peeves when girls with fake nails don't keep up with them.  To me, it looks trashy and I'd rather just take them off if I can't afford them/ can't find time for them. And I'm definitely starting to border into the territory! ::eeeek::

So here are my options for when I get them done.  And this polish will be on for around 2 weeks so I want to be sure and love it!

These just look so festive and pretty to me!
I loooooove the lace, but I would probably do a more neutral tan underneath it!
Fun party nails!
I kind of want to try this, but with red! or maybe gray with silver sparkles so it goes with my Christmas Eve dress:)

Obviously I'm loving the sparkles right now! What do you ladies think? Any good Pinterest pins for inspirtion?!

Happy Thursday! (And almost Christmas!!)

Pink Kisses & Wishes


  1. The first & last are my favorite :)

  2. I love the pink with the glitter!!

  3. Thanks girls! Luckily I still have until tomorrow to decide. I think I'm leaning towards the last one right now:)

  4. I like the first and last ones! I'm in a glitter phase right now, too. lol

    And I agree with you--fake nails look super trashy if you don't keep up with them. I haven't had them in forever, because I hated spending the money on it every two weeks.