Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am that girl

Confession: I love facebook. What college student doesn't? I mean, I have a twitter and I tweet wayyyy more than I ever actually update my "status", but I love love love to creep on everyone else! It's just a nice way to keep up with everyone from high school, all my friends who are still at Purdue, my old best friend who moved away when we were 13, you get the drift.

Well this morning (in class, yes I know that's naughty!) I was checking my facebook and about choked on my starbucks right in the middle of our teacher's presentation. Ladies, I saw this:


You guys, this is my FOURTH ex-boyfriend to become engaged or married to the girl he dated immediately after me! What are the chances?!

I once read an article in Cosmo about this same thing happening to a different girl, but her story was different because she was actually looking to get married and was distressed by this "pattern".  I just find it amusing and ironic. I am in NO WAY ready to get married or engaged but come on, this is kinda funny! I'm like a female "Good Luck Chuck". So ladies, if you want your boyfriend to propose, just send him my way;)

Disclaimer**I am in fact, not even the one who originally noticed "the pattern", a girlfriend of mine brought it up first!

Man, I must really be getting old if everyone is getting engaged/married. ;)  But really I hope you guys at least got a laugh out of the irony that is my life!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

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  1. hahaha. I never update my facebook either--I only use it for creeping! Glad I'm not the only creeper.

    Btw, I totally died laughing at the "Good Luck Chuck" comment! I'm glad you can find humor in your love life!