Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap SemiFormal

This weekend was fab-u-lous. Even though it was kind of stressful with school things, I had an awesome time relaxing for a bit before the dreaded finals week.  

Thursday night technically started my weekends since I don't have class Friday (awesome, I know!). Well, this Thursday was particularly busy, 2 classes, a presentation, meeting with my internship director, night class, and an exam. Whew, it's exhausting just thinking about it and that didn't even include time to get ready for my Chi-O semi-formal that night!

I went with my friend Branden,
He was really excited about the suspenders;)

And wound up with an extra wristband so I invited my friend Marc to come too.
 Me and my TWO dates;) 

My house rented out the top floor of a nicer bar on campus, Cly's, and we had the upstairs for 3 hours.  It also happened to be Heather's semi-formal that night too, so we met up after she got back on campus and went to the next bar.  
Some pictures from the evening....
 My pledge baby, Katie, and I. 

 Before meeting up with Branden and my Chi-o's, I got together with some of Heather's DZ sisters to take a few pics in from of the tree. (which we're conveniently covering up!) 

                                                                      {XΩ / ΔZ} lovin'
And to top my weekend off, I got a visit from the boy :) We went to dinner, rented Friends with Benefits from redbox, (awesome, awesome movie by the way! Might even be adding it to my Christmas List!) and cuddled all evening. It was a great ending for a stressful week and I promise that there's a post coming soon that will go into more detail about him:)

Here's hoping your weekend went as well as mine!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


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  1. You looked gorgeous! I'm glad you had fun!
    This post about the boy better be coming soon, cause I'm excited to read about him/see him! ha ha.