Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So What Wednesday!

I haven't done a link up in a while and I'm starting to get jealous of  seeing everyone else post about it! So here are my "So What's" for this Wednesday with Life After I "Dew".....
So what if I don't have any class this week and all I want to do is lounge around watching my new Black Friday movies like it's already Christmas Break?

 Maybe if I looked as cute as this pup I would actually be able to get away with it!

So what if I had Starbucks 2 times in one day last week? It was delicious and to be fair, one of them was my lunch!
Yes they were the venti size. Not even sorry.
So what if I keep wearing yoga pants and t-shirts to class because I haven't done laundry in forever? Our washer is broken and I'm toughing it out till I can wash things at home!
Ok, ours didn't actually look like this, but it does trap clothes in there for up to 4 hours and doesn't spin them. So basically they come out soaked and take TWO dryer cycles.

So what if the wicked cold and sinus infection I've had for the past week have jump started my diet? I can't taste anything so nothing sounds good. Sad for my stomach, but happy for my scale!
Check out my 80's workout gear and awesome scale;) Just kidding, but this picture made me laugh when I saw it:)

And finally, So What if my bags are already packed to go home next week? I left a bunch of stuff in there from Thanksgiving and it was way more entertaining to pack for break than it was to actually crank out any of the 10 papers I have due soon. Whoops! 


  1. nothing wrong with starbucks 2 times in one day esp since its so good my fav right now is the caramel spiced cider :)

  2. I really need to do this link up sometime, I love it! And exactly how many pairs of yoga pants do you own? ha ha. You're always talking about wearing them. I have no room to talk...I own like 10 pairs of sweat pants...