Monday, December 19, 2011

Im baaaaaack!

 We had to walk up a giant hill to get here!

And I'm back with a weekend recap! Woo Woo!

I feel like I've been gone from you guys for so long and I definitely just spent about 2 hours reading through my dashboard to try and catch up with all of your lives!  I missed blogging and I'm excited to be back at it :)

Last week was crazy busy and I literally just could not find time to blog.  But I'm happy to say that I am officially (and successfully) done with the semester. My last two finals were actually pretty easy and I can't wait to check out my final grades!

As for the fun stuff, Matt and I went downtown to the Shedd Aquarium on Friday.  You guys, I saw an eel that was over 6 feet long and as wide as a person. This thing was huge and I was sure he was going to come through the glass and eat me! (Deep Blue Sea anyone?!) Luckily it didn't happen, and we had fun looking at all the other cool things there.  Sadly I have zero pictures because they don't allow flash photography and everything I took without it didn't turn out well :( 
But afterwards we had Flat Top.  Never had it? You're missin' out! It's a stir fry place where you get to assemble your own bowl with rice/noodles/vegetables/sauces/meats.  They cook it for you, bring it to your table, and then you get to enjoy all of the deliciousness!
:: nomnomnom:: 
and after that, we went to my friend Jill's house for her graduation celebration party! It was a crazy busy day but I got to see a bunch of people I used to work with in high school who I don't really get to see too often.  Unfortunately Matt left early because he didn't feel well. Turns out, he had the stomach flu and just recovered yesterday.  I hope it's not coming for me!!

All of this was just Friday and I still managed to pack in a ton of things on Saturday and Sunday, but this post it getting a little long so I'll wrap it up and be back tomorrow to finish it up! Happy Monday, Ladies:)

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. I seriously came to your blog to tell you that I was having Mallory withdrawals and that you needed to post. Much to my surprise, there was one waiting for me! ha ha. It just hadn't popped up on my dashboard yet.
    I'm so glad you did well on your finals and now get to enjoy your break!
    I love aquariums! We don't have one near where I live. The closest one is like 3 hours away.
    I've never had FlatTop Grill, but it sounds a lot like Genghis Grill (which I love).