Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tradition at its finest

Well girls, I hope eveyone had as merry of a Chrsitmas as I did!

We got to do all of our family traditions and I was more than blessed with a fantactic Christmas!

Chrsitmas Eve:
Saturday we finished up last minute shopping. Which was a bad thing because I was "finished" with everyone but couldn't resist some of the deals that I saw while we were out. Ha! So Matt ended up with an extra Sox hat from Sports Authority, and my mom ended up with an extra DVD version of Bridesmaids.  I just couldn't help myself, finding presents for everyone is one of my favorite parts of the season:)

Then we had our traditional fried chicken for Christmas Eve dinner. Weird, I know. But it's tradition and it saves time because my grandma makes such a huge dinner the next day!

After dinner we head to family friends' annual party where we are able to pass out all the cousin/aunt/uncle/friend gifts. It's so nice to do it one place so you're not forgetting presents and still needing to see someone in February because you still have their "Christmas" present!

Then we come home and open one gift each and go to bed so Santa can visit:)

Because my cousin, Caleb, still believes in Santa we got up around 6:30 that morning.  It was so cute to see his face when he saw what Santa had left! We opened our stockings, santa presents, and then gifts from family.  I got some fabulous things that I'll do a post on tomorrow:)

We all got ready and then Matt came over around noon.  We exchanged gifts and then had Christmas dinner with my family followed by a game tournament or Scrabble. I was not the winner this time, but I'm ready for our enxt round;)

After Matt left around 5:30, I traveled to my Aunt's (she's really like a 2nd mom!) and had another round of stocking and gift opening followed by a late chicken pot pie dinner:)  We also played a gameafter dinner, Headbanz! It's a cute disney game where you can't see your own card and you have to ask questions to guesss who you are. Super fun and silly! I would highly reccommend it to someone looking for a gift for a young kid:)

It seems like I fit so much into those two days and these are the memories I'll definitely remember. Not the coolest gifts and what we had for dinner, but who I spent my time with and the fun it was to find and give meaningful presents:)

Hopefully everyone has recovered from the food coma that Christmas brings! What did you ladies get?:)

Pink Kisses & Wishes

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  1. Sounds like you had a super busy weekend!
    Can't wait for tomorrow's post! I'm excited : )