Monday, January 16, 2012


Yes, I've been missing in action, but I really have a very good excuse. Promise.

This weekend I packed up all of my things (who knew you could accumulate so much crap in 1 month??) and headed down to school with Heather.  I've slowly been trying to unpack and find places for all of my new things. In a tiny apartment? It's hard work!

In other exciting news:

1. I start my internship tomorrow! I have no idea what I'll be doing but I really like the girls who work there so I'm super excited to see what's in store.
2. You guys should be so proud of me, I worked out at the ARC tonight! Running is killer when you haven't been in a month! I also wore my new compression shorts that I got at the NIKE store. They're super cute and hot pink and I'm. in. love.
3. I just submitted my application to graduate! Woo!
4. I went shopping at the outlet mall around here and scored tons of good deals!

I promise to update more tomorrow but I have to start getting everything ready for my internship:)

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. Good luck with everything!! Hope you have a great semester!

  2. you were mentioned on my blog today, make sure to check it out!!