Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's swimsuit tiiiiiiiiimmmmmeeeee

Did anyone else say it just like Pauly's "It's Tshirt Time? No, just me? Whatever, you know you're a fan too;)

Well the time has come. I walked into Target this weekend and was affronted with racks upon racks of the dreaded swimsuit. I mean, it's only January, people.  But this means that in a very short time people will be seeing me in one of those things. Yikes. If that's not workout motivation, I don't know what is!

Anyway, I've decided to do a post about what kind of suits work for my body type in the hopes that it can help someone else too. (Read: I'm going to show you embarrassing pictures of myself in a bathing suit) So here goes:)

I'm more is a pear shape, as in I carry most of my weight in my legs/hips

In other words, I have a big 'ole butt.
Not that kind of big, you dirty minds!

I'm in the white suit and you can see that I have a smaller upper half with larger thighs/hips.
Thanks Cheerleading and Gymnastics;)

Sometimes it's hard to find suits to fit both areas. Thank the Swuisuit Gods for making mix-n-match sizing!

I usually have a problem (especially in jeans) where the waist band is too big, but the pants fit perfectly on my butt/legs. Thats why I love the adjustable bottoms (picture above) I can tighten them as much as I want on the waist, but still have enough coverage on the booty!


I like these because they're a little thicker at the waist, but still adjustable

I also like the Boy Short ones because they give you a cute butt without puttting it allll out there

Bottoms like these are a major NO-NO! Pear Shaped girls will be coming out of these bottoms in all sorts of uncomfortable ways. Save yourself the trouble and don't even try it!


Now the beauty of being smaller up top (and by smaller I mean pretty averaged sized) we get to wear whatever tops we want....

That's why I love this bandeau top from VS
It has a little padding to help it stay up as well as lift you up a little bit

although we run the risk of looking slightly flat-chested...
Not loving the triangle tops...leaves me looking a little flat. And I always end up messing with the tie in the back because it tends to travel to the front!

But, I did just order this triangle top from VS with the hopes that a little bit of lining and clasp back can cure me of my hatred for them!

*And one more tip. When at all possible, try suits on at home. They never look good under those dessing room lights!

So, that's it. My love for thicker waisted bottoms and non-triangle tops that fit this pear-shaped girl. I hope I've helped make the prospect of trying on swimsuits a not-so-scary thing! 

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. ohhhh yes, bathing suit season is right around the bloody corner.

    We have the same body type. I'm teeee-niny up top and my bottom half is the larger portion of me. Pants are always such a hassle. I found that New York and Company's jeans fit me perfectly though. Perfect in the legs and perfect in the waist! If you haven't already, you should check those out!

  2. you are featured on my blog today :) make sure to stop by!!!

  3. I have the same problem with jeans!!
    We have similar body types because my badonkadonk is definitely bigger (not Kim Kardashian bigger). ha ha
    Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great post! These are some really good tips. BTW I have that triangle top from VS and I LOVE IT. It is just enough push up and padding to make your boobs look great without having them underneath your chin!