Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Monday

Top of the morning, Cupcakes!

It's already been quite the Monday for me.
I woke up late which means I slept through class after not getting back from our initiation ceremonies until 11:30 last night AND I've already been to the gym.  Hopefully those gym endorphins make me feel less dumb for missing class. I feel like a total freshman! Whoops.  Hopefully this doesn't set the tone for my week!

And to top everything off, I didn't get to go to Purdue this weekend thanks to the awesome ::insert sarcasm::  weather.We've postponed it for a few weeks because this weekend I'm going home for Caleb's 9th Birthday and to see the boy. 

We're going to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse Friday. Have you ever been? They make the food right there on the grill in front of you and they do awesome tricks:)
This picture is from when we went to one for my 20th birthday. Excuse our faces, obviously we weren't ready;)

And then on Saturday we're going to an indoor waterpark/hotel. It's kind of like the Wisconsin Dells but it's in Illinois and only an hour away as opposed to 4!

Yes, that means I'll be rocking a swimsuit about 5 months early. ::gulp::

Mayyyyyybe I'll be making a second trip to the gym today...just to tone up of course;) Happy Monday!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. I had a rough start to my Monday too! Heres to hoping both of our days get better! xo

  2. I love Japanese steak houses! And I am pretty jealous that you are going to an indoor water park, too!

  3. Monday's suck! Hope Tuesday is better for you!

  4. The way I look at were still productive even though you missed class. Win in my book :) I love hibachi dinners! So fun and yummy!! Have fun!! xoxo