Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speech class can kiss my ass

So really I should be writing a speech right now. As in, for Communications 101. Yes, a freshman class. I'm not even sorry. 

I guess I just was never able to fit this class into my schedule and here I am a second semester senior taking it with a bunch of freshman. Whatever, I have worldly experience;)

So before I leave you, I have two things:

1. don't forget to link up with the lovely Sarah over at Simply Sarah for her first ever link hosting! Inspirational Friday is about what your goals are/ encouraging all of our bloggie friends in their goals.  I can't wait for the first one:)

2. The awesome Dayna over at Pearls, Curls & All Things Southern (formerly: A Bama Belle & A Bucket List) just changed her URLso be sure and re-follow her new one! And if you weren't already following her, get to it!)
But that's all I have for you ladies today! I know, super lame, but bare with me! I promise my weekend recap will be full of fun and pictures:)

Happy almost Friday! 

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

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