Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's only Wednesday?! Yikes.

Ugh, seriously, I just want it to be the weekend! It's Christine's 22nd birthday today and I'm going to visit her at Purdue this weekend. (I've blogged about her here and here). I can.not.wait. to get there and see everyone again!
I'm sure this weekend will be just as fun as the last time I was there so I can't wait to come back here on Monday with some awesome stories;)

Now, I know I promised you guys I'd be back to play "blogger tag" today, but we had a lunch staff meeting and I just didn't get a chance:(

But speaking of work, look at at the adorable girls at my office did for me!
They set up a desk just for me!! And got me flowers! :) They had to rearrange their whole office and track down an extra desk, but they said that they wanted me to feel welcome and to have my own little space. They're so sweet! I can tell I'm really going to enjoy my semester here:)

Here's a better view of the whole area:
After this post I'm off to to get some cute photos printed to hang up by my desk:) You know I have to have one of the boy and I and a few pics of my besties!

Hopefully the rest of this week flies by so we can finally get to the weekend! Hope you had a good Wednesday, Ladies!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

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