Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things My Mama Taught Me

My mom taught me 3 things in order to be successful in life.

Here she is:) Isn't she a doll?

 She was a young mom and my parents divorced when I was 3. We've definitely always had a close bond :)

Anyway, all throughout my teen years, she used to joke that I only needed to know 3 things to be successful. They fit into the acronym MMT.

You guys are going to love me for this advice;) 

M #1 stands for 

Umm, this one's just hot and would definitely make me happy. I can just tell;)
Mama always said that you don't need a man to be happy or be considered successful, but that they sure were nice to have around sometimes;)  Her advice was to find one who could put up with my bossy ways and sassy attitude, as well as someone who wasn't afraid of a little hard work. (Relationship "work" or actual work!)

Which leads me to the next "M".....

Wish my savings account looked like this!
 And no she didn't mean, find a man with money! (That would be a nice bonus though!) She meant for me to be smart with my money.  She could never stress it me enough how easy it is to mess up your credit. She happened to have made some mistakes when she was young and I saw how it affected everything she did. 

Because of her, I have no credit cards, and the only debt to my name is my school loans, which came from my grandparents. Score! I can't tell you how many kids I know who are struggling to pay of credit card debt...not a road I want to find myself on just because I wanted to  buy everything I've ever pinned here;)

So ya, be careful with your money! 

And finally, "T' is forrrrrr.....

Not my teeth, creepers! :)
Ha, yes this one is a little odd, but she likes to joke that good teeth are important.  She's had multiple tooth issues that have been a big pain for her so she always cautioned me to take care of my teeth. After all, we don't want to be walkin' around looking like this girl! ;)
Ha, sorry to scare ya!
So brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em! Thanks to her I can say I'm a 21 year old with ZERO cavities. Hell yeah!

So to recap: 

Well there you have it ladies, MMT. And  don't you forget it!

What did your mama teach you??

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. holy hotness. that man is one sexy piece of man meat. if he had some money he'd be my dream guy ;) haha your mom sounds like a smart woman. I think we could be friends!! haha

  2. You are too adorable. Thanks for sharing her advice! lol

  3. the teeth thing just cracks me up! nothing better than a pretty smile after all :)