Wednesday, March 28, 2012



I feel very blah today.

I totally forgot that I had class this morning when I was all excited about being off from my internship for the day. Who just forgets that?! 

Apparently, this girl. 
Oh well. Nothing to do but move on and do better next time.

In other news, this is what my Spring Break looked like!

Matt and I went to dinner on Tuesday at Texas Roadhouse. I had steak and cheese fries:) ::nomnomnom::

There was a little working mixed in,
That's definitely my legs under a batman blanket. Our office air conditioner broke while it was set on 60 so it was abso-freaking-lutely freezing. ::Insert frantic search for blanket here:: 
Only in my life would this happen.

On Friday,
we almost died in a storm all in the name of chinese food. Totally worth it. 

We watched the footloose remake while eating the almost-killer chinese food. 
You guys. I am in LOVE!
They made the characters so loveable and we had a great time at our "girls night viewing party".

And on Saturday, Matt went with me to babysit.

Somebody's tryin' to steal my man!
 When we first got there, Sadie would turn about periodically give him evil looks and then turn around to her show again. About a half hour after we were there, Matt and I were talking on the couch and Sadie snuck up to Matt's side and reached out to his arm and said "tickle tickle!" while "tickling" his arm. 

It was seriously the cutest thing ever. After that it was a game for an hour and Sadie had no fear climbing up into his lap and chilling to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse;)

And on Sunday I came back down to school. It was an awesome week and I can't to be back home for good in just 7 more weeks!
As for my TFA interview,
I think it went pretty well!
It was my first "big kid" interview and all in all, it wasn't too bad. Definitely a lot less stressful than I was thinking.
Thank you so so much for all of the good luck wishes! You guys are the bomb dot com. 

I should hear back by April 13th so I'll definitely update you fabulous ladies then:)

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. all of your food pictures are making this girl hungry...and i just ate! oops! haha i am glad your interview went well, ill keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. bahahahaha. Only you!
    That's one scary lookin storm!!

  3. I agree! I cannot wait to be home for the summer. it is so close now.

  4. I want those cheese fries. At 9:30am. yep....haha