Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Yeaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr (Sung just like that;))

Drunken Debauchery Part II

This seems to be a post theme for me these last few weeks but I think it's just because I've been gearing up for (refer back to post title) THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEARRRRRRRR!

Any guesses?? And it's not St. Patrick's Day.  No??


Maybe you should ask yourself what you like better: Christmas or Unofficial Season?
The answer would be, um, UNOFFICIAL SEASON, bishes! 

Never heard of it? Let me fill you in. 
Bar owners on campus realized St. Patty's Day (Read: Huge money making holiday) always fell during Spring Break. Epic Fail.

 In 2005 one of those owners decided to found "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day". Hereby and heron referred to as "Unofficial". It's always on a Friday a few weeks before Spring Break where every bar opens at 8 AM, students skip class, wear green shirts with funny sayings, and drink green beer. All. Day. Long. 
EPIC WIN. (Except for the beer thing. You girls know I don't get down like that!)

It's Unoffical Eve today and I can hardly contain my excitement. It really is better than Christmas;)
Let's take a little trip down memory lane shall we? 

2009 We started our day off at the LXA house for a 6AM power hour!

Some of my main girls:) Friends from HS and my roomie/pledge mama!
It's a HS reunion! Check out the matching shirts;)

And here's a crappy pic of our shirts this year. They say "I'm wasted and I know it" with "I black out" on the back. Pretty clever if you ask me!

I'll be going to sleep tonight with visions of Shamrocks dancing in my head. 

Happy Unofficial to all, and to all, a good day!

Green Kisses & Wishes,


  1. that sounds like so much fun! i love the shirts for this year! hilarious!

  2. baahahahahahha. Sounds like you're gonna have a lot of fun (and won't remember it)

  3. What a fun tradition! I like any reason to skip class skip work and have a good itme so it sounds like genius from the bar owners to me. I cant' wait to see the pictures from this year!

    new follower :)

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! Love all the apparel! :) St. Patty's Day is def one of my fave holidays. ♥

  5. Looks like a ton of fun! Love all the apparel! :) St. Patty's Day is def one of my fave holidays. ♥