Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day! (A little late)

Hi there! Long time no talk.
Bad blogger, I know.

But, I'm totally ready to blow you away with awesome stories of my St. Patty's Day!

I spent most of the evening looking like this:

Rockin' my moustache straw!

The moustache straws were one of the favors for the bridal shower the next day and we had extra, so I took one to the party to differentiate my cup from everyone elses.
Yes, I'm a smart cookie like that.
The moustache spent a lot of time being passed around. everyone wanted a picture with it!
It was unfortunately lost (but eventually returned!) sometime during the evening.
The fun hasn't started until the moustache shows up.

Aside from the moustache, I spent time with my besties:

Pardon the weird angle, we have guy friends who think they're funny...

Heather (my roomie!) and Sam(in the middle) are sisters and the three of us have been friends for 8 years.
I'm often referred to as the third daughter of their family because funnily enough, for 6 months of the year, we are all right in a row for ages.
Right now, Heather is 22, I'm 21, and Sam is 20. I fit right in!
Mama Tammy in a pic with "all her girls" ;)

Matt and I finally have a good picture together! Woooo!
Ok, so it got photobombed, but it only makes me love it more:)
There's one without people in the background but it's not as fun:P
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend like I did!

Up next: Bridal shower deets!

Pink Kisses & Wishes,


  1. My gosh, I NEED one of those shirts! Haha. Love em!

  2. glad you had a good time! what a cute shirt ;)

  3. Love the shirts! I definitely need a St. Patrick's day t-shirt for next year. Thinking ahead already!

  4. oh st patty's day :) so much fun. that is brilliant idea to bring that mustache to tell your cup apart from others. I always worry about someone taking and drinking all of my drink haha. ps i am a new follower, i love your posts!