Friday, November 11, 2011

All I want for Christmas is you...

....and maybe some of the things on this list:)

I don't know what's come over me, but it seriously took me over a week to make a Christmas list! AND! I was struggling to think of things to put on it. ::gasp:: I know. But, I think that Christmas presents should be things that you wouldn't buy yourself and/or something that you have been wanting for a long time.

Now you know that I'm an impulse buyer, so it was a little harder to make my list this year because I already have lots of things that I "wanted". So I pretty much had to go with things that I want but haven't bought myself yet :)

So without further adieu, Christmas list 2011

-A new camera Nikon or Kodak

(Yes, I left my precious camera in Panama City over Spring Break, but I promise to be more careful with this one!) but I can't decide between a Nikon or just sticking with a Kodak like the one I had previously...any thoughts ladies?

-Monogram iPhone case
How cute are these? I got the idea from Steph over at A BEAUtiful Mess after I saw her awesome picture case. I'm still working out what patterns and colors I like, but I'm really excited about this addition to my list!

- A VS short length terry cloth bathrobe in Pink

I know this one's not that fun, but I hate combing my wet hair after a shower and having it hit my back. So I figured a cute towel robe would solve that for me:) And the added bonus of not having to fiddle with keeping my towel up will be greatly appreciated.

-New Kensington Ugg boots in Black

I'll admit it, I used to be an UGG hater. I thought they were hideous and now I own two pairs. And I think these are a cute cross between the motorcycle boots that are "in" right now and actually being able to keep my toes warm! & luckily I still fit into kids sizes so that's a win for anyone who wants to get me a pair, extra $$ saved!

And finally,
-Return to Tiffany double heart tag pendant