Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So What Wednesday

First of all,
Happy Hump Day, Girls!

& because it's Wednesday, it's time for one of my favorite link ups....So What Wednesday! So head on over to Life After I "Dew" to participate too:)

My "So What's" for the week are....

-So what that I just bought myself 2 new sweaters after I promised myself I wouldn't spend any money? I returned a different one and got 2 more for only $3 difference. Who could say no to that?! And they're adorable. Obviously;)

-So what if 1/4 of my daily calories last Wednesday came from the Halloween Candy that was mailed to me? It was a stressful week and I had 4 papers due in a 5 day span!

-So what if I slipped up on one of my "This week I..." promises? It was dad's weekend and it was diet coke. Doesn't count right? :)

-So what if I'd rather play words with friends than pay attention to class sometimes? At least it's brain challenging!
(yes this is a real game of mine and I really did get a 63 pt word. I was so excited because I had been getting my ass kicked! robins46 if you want to play me!)

And finally,
-So what if all I want to do is watch Sex & the City all afternoon instead of work on school things?  Sometimes you just cant make it till Thanksgiving break.

Carrie and I are totally besties;)

I hope you're all having a fabulous week!

Pink Kisses & Wishes


  1. For some reason, Blogger keeps messing up my "following" feed and it hasn't been telling me when you post. It's seriously starting to upset me.

    I've never shopped at TJ Maxx, but I shop at Ross all the time, and I love it!

    I think it's perfectly acceptable to live on Halloween candy, drink a pop on occasion, be addicted to Words with Friends and waste time watching Sex & the City.
    Sounds like a good life to me :)

  2. That's been happening to me too! Ugh, I thought it was just mine! Glad to know it's happening to other people too:) Well, kinda? ha

    & sometimes you need someone to back you up on your lifestyle choices, so thanks for that! :)