Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm fighting off a wicked cold right now...coughing, sore throat, being stuffed name it, I have it!
Meet my arsenal...

But on to the more exciting stuff, the weekend recap!

I got to hang out with the boy and walk around downtown with him and his friends to see the lights and the Christmas tree at Macy's.
 (Blogger is making me mad, it keeps uploading this picture sideways!)
We had dinner at Gino's East ::yum:: and then took the train back home to hang out and play apple to apples sour. 

You guys. This game is awesome! I've only ever played the original version but this one was hilarious. We were all laughing hysterically for an hour and yours truly tied to be the winner of the game!

So if your family likes to play board games I highly recommend this one

I was introduced to playing rock band 3 (I'm terrible) and we had an awesome time playing Taboo. I totally dominated;)

Then yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday (it's actually tomorrow!) and afterwards Heather and I drove back to school.We made record time and got back in an hour and a half!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about the fabulous deals I scored on Black Friday:)

Pink Kisses & Wishes,

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  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    I'm dying to see some pictures of this guy! You keep beating around the bush--girl, just tell us!! ha ha

    I have my blog post drafted and ready to post about my Black Friday deals, I'm hoping to post it between now and Thursday.